Rorschach (Let The Party Begin #2)

Søren Daugbjerg Jensen, from Ålborg (Denmark), did this zine. He was part of the 1000 Fryd (hardcore/punk venue) there and was in bands (guitar/vocals) such as ‘Hunchback International’, ‘Sons of Cain’ & ‘Married To A Murderer’ – with my mate Jakob Stig Nielsen (editor of Sorte Rose zine). The latter probably sent me a copy of #2. That, published in ‘92, contained interview with ‘Rorschach’ & ‘Abolition’, info on the Lynx (anti-fur) campaign and a few reviews. #3 (’94) was with ‘Born Against’, ‘Engage’, ‘Majority Of One’ & ‘A.P.P.L.E.’.

‘Rorschach’ toured Europe in 1992 with Charles Maggio (vocals; owner of Gern Blandsten), Thomas ‘Tommy’ Rusnak (bass, replacing first bassist Chris Laucella; later in ‘Ambush’), Andrew Gormley (drums; later in ‘Shai Hulud’) and ‘Bhakta’ Keith Huckins & Nick Forté (guitar). Sam McPheeters did an interview for Dear Jesus with them the year before…

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