Feeding The Fire (Counter Clockwise #1)

‘Feeding The Fire’s bassist Roger ‘NBH’ informed me that they overlapped with ‘Point Of No Return’ for a while but Rob Franssen (vocals) and him decided to continue with just ‘F.T.F.’. Their earliest incarnation (interviewed here) was with ‘P.O.N.R.’ guitarist Michel Senden (later replaced by Harald Brosselt), Illona Stephan (guitar) and René Natzel (drums). ‘P.O.N.R.’ was “a hard edge hardcore band which started out as being nothing more than a joke & critical/sarcastic wink to the then ever so growing US hardline scene that was mostly connected to stupid ideals and close minded people”. ‘Feeding The Fire’ was more serious & political. In the slipstream of ‘Seein’Red’ and ‘Man Lifting Banner’ (the Dutch Wolfpack), they proclaimed themselves as being socialist/communist. They were also a Straight-Edge band. Residing in Dutch Limburg they easily found allies over the border in the German Ruhrpott-area with whom they formed the international Last Struggle Crew. ‘F.T.F.’ also had a strong connection with people from the H8000 scene (at that time not named like that yet) so they played the Vort’n Vis quite a few times…

One of those German L.S.C.-members was Michael Müller (from Gelsenkirchen) who did Counter Clockwise zine. A vegan sXe guy from the circle around Peter Hoeren’s Crucial Response recs. I have 4 issues of the zine. They contain decent interviews (#1: ‘F.T.F.’, ‘Jailcell Recipes’, ‘Majority Of One’; #2: ‘Man Lifting Banner’, ‘Strong Event’; #3: ‘Wheel Of Progress’; #4: ‘Spawn’, ‘Chokehold’), political articles/columns (4th International, communism, veganism) and reviews. Great graphics too… (#2 was a 50% photozine) Later he changed the name of his zine to Relentless.

FTF (Counter Clockwise #1 '91) aFTF (Counter Clockwise #1 '91) bFTF (Counter Clockwise #1 '91) cFTF (Counter Clockwise #1 '91) dFTF (Counter Clockwise #1 '91) e (-)


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