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M.E.L.I. (S.O.S. #1)

SxOxSx fanzine was started in the Lagunera region [Comarca Lagunera – “region of lagoons” – in northern Mexico; with Torreón as largest city] (covering the states Coahuila & Durango) when Ernesto Rivera met up with Ruben Ramírez (who only collaborated … Continue reading

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Los Crudos (An Atrophied Preface… Wouldn’t You? #1)

From the editorial: >>In my opinion, punk doesn’t correspond to any particular musical cliché. It doesn’t matter how the music sounds, whether it’s extremely calm, rockier, dreamy, quiet or more aggressive, angry, brutal, fast and noisy. What matters is that … Continue reading

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Martin Sprouse (The South Shall Burn Again #3)

Tim Freeborn, the singer of ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ and co-editor of Kill Poseurs, introduced me to Ken Sanderson’s 80s zine The South Shall Burn Again and even contributed a couple of issues… Even though Ken contacted me in the 90s … Continue reading

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