Subhumans (IQ32 #1)

‘Digger’ (real name Graeme Wood; he’d moved to Liverpool to become a student: in the third issue he mentions he’s a B.Sc.) is a guy I met when my band played with ‘Generic’ & ‘Electro Hippies’ (87-06-28). He was touring with them and selling ‘merch’. He also printed patches/T-shirts and did compilation-tapes back home. Really nice bloke. We exchanged a few letters but he never told me he had been doing zines. IQ32 was the first one he did.

Besides concert-/fanzine-/tape-reviews, announcements & odd bits (e.g. on “american hardcore”, there were of course interviews [#1 (’82): ‘Anthrax’, ‘Rudimentary Peni’, ‘Subhumans’, … #2 (’82): ‘Abrasive Wheels’, ‘Conflict’, ‘Gaye Advert’, … #3 (’83): ‘Anti-System’, ‘Chaotic Dischord’, ‘Disorder’, …] and band-presentations [e.g. ‘Blood Robots’ in #3]. The third issue had also a scene-report on Finland & Brazil.

After this IQ32 zine he got more into anarcho-political stuff, did interviews (with ‘Chumbawamba’, ‘Anarka & Poppy’, ‘No-One’s Property’) and wrote stuff on Burtonwood Peace Camp, Stop the City, The Miners Strike, etc. for an issue of Indoctrination For The Ignorant Children [1985].


Another zine I sold… ‘Digger’ also did one called Runny Green Sick which was a pisstake of really shit zines put together with zero effort, crap articles and brainless interviews. It was very amusing.

Charlie Mason

IQ32 was all a long time ago and I no longer have copies (although I believe there are scans on the net [Check Sned’s UK Zine Library]). There were 3 issues – and a 4th was finished but never printed sadly, although some of it surfaced in a political zine (Indoctrination For The Ignorant Children) I did. Not really much else to say about it – I didn’t think it was particularly special as we were all doing zines! But I’m always touched that people remember it! It was a cool time though and I made good friends through it all!


Every (old, and young) punk should know ‘Subhumans’ (there still playing live)… This interview was done a couple of years after the band started, and when Dick Lucas had joined to take over the vocals from (guitarist) Bruce (ex ‘A-Heads’) and drummer Andy (Andrew Gale; also of the ‘A-Heads’) had left to be replaced by ‘Trotsky’. They had 3 EPs out on (‘Flux Of Pink Indians’ label) Spiderleg by then; plus a few tapes (on Dick’s Bluurg tapes and a split on Stephen Parsons’ BBP tapes)…

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