Donna Dresch (Not Your Bitch #8)

Around the time I finished my mailorder/distribution, this person ‘Jump’ (who now goes by the name Johnny Atlas) sent me a copy of a zine she did – Not Year Bitch (#8; 1999). She presented herself as a “queer kid who lives in Olympia (Washington, USA) that writes zines”; N.Y.B is a “very anarchist queer feminist zine”. It’s got funny stories about dyke gangs, an interview with Donna Dresch, an essay about the Columbine shooting and some show-reviews. Later she also did a zine called Fucking Myself (“a very intense emo zine that has stories from my life…that involve sex and drugs and abuse”), and some mini manifestos about racism and revolution. Christine also contributed to A Girl ‘s Guide to Taking Over the World: Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution (1997)…

Actually Not Year Bicth was started in 1989 by ‘Gypsy’ Annalyssa Murphy and ‘Chaos-Pony’ Julie Roberts (in Minneapolis, Minnesota). The first “kept the zine going until 1992 joining with several other local women and accepting increasing submissions from all over the world”.


My last issue was number seven (late 92) but I did a best of issue that I called 7½.  In the mid 90s a girl named Christine –  if I want to be nice I would say – borrowed my name (if I want to be honest I would say, stole it) and started a different zine in a similar theme out of – I believe – Colorado [Denver]. I’m guessing she thought I would never find out but I did… This #8 came after mine; same name but unrelated…

Annalyssa Murphy

About Not Your Bitch: mine is different from the one mentioned that started in the late 80s and ended in 1992. I had no idea there was another zine out there with that name. As for Fucking Myself: I wrote that zine under the pseudo name ‘Christine Bulleit’… It was a pretty brutal zine about abuse.

I began NYB in Denver in 1994 after discovering Riot Grrrl & the Lesbian Avengers. I had just left an abusive relationship with a skinhead, and feminism & queercore saved my life. I published it from 1994-1999 alongside an international Grrrl zine catalog called Twat. Issue #8 was the last issue after that I started to write more literary based zines about my life. Fucking Myself was a catalyst to getting sober. In sobriety I’ve written these zines: Broken Open Ending, Rough Red Truck, Old Man Atlas, Eeryday D.I.Y. Valentine, Broken Poets Racquet, & I Wanted To Be Your EIleen Myles. Now (2018) I’m working on turning Broken Open Ending into a book. I also submitted a book I wrote in 2012 for Graywolf Press…

Johnny Atlas

Donna ‘Dresch’ was the guitarist/bassist of ‘Team Dresch‘ (riot grrrl band from Olympia) and ran Chainsaw recs, an independent record-label (Portland, Oregon) devoted to queercore bands. She also did Chainsaw zine and contributed to others (like Outpunk, and Jigsaw)…

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