Ramsey Kanaan – AK Press (Noise Fest #2)

Noise Fest was done by Chris Banks from Bradford. I know of 4 issues; in 1994 he started a new zine called Aversion. N.F. contained decent interviews (not just bands), pamphlets, reports & reviews (music, zines, books). If I remember well he also did some compilation-tapes.

In the early 80s my mate Mokka (who did Smurfpunks compilation-tapes) introduced me to the Scottish band ‘Political Asylum‘. Later, we (Smurfpunx collective) organised a few concerts with them, helped them with tours and they became friends. I corresponded with their singer Ramsey (Kanaan) and visited him in Edinburgh (1990). The room in his flat where I slept was filled with zines and (anarchist and left-wing) books because Ramsey was running AK distribution (AK are the initials of his mom Ann). Needless to say I indulged in all the goodies there; and this would inspire me to try and expand my own distro towards taking in more literature.

A bit later Ramsey also started publishing books himself and launched AK Press. Later he moved to Oakland, California. AK Press became a workers’ co-operative but after nearly 30 years he had to give up his baby because he was outvoted in the decion-making process a few times too many and left (an amicable split). In 2007 he started anew starting from scratch with PM Press (with other people that had been affiliated with AK at one time or another; one of which is Craig O’Hara, who did Character Builder zine and authored The Philosophy Of Punk).

This interview was done in the early ’90s when AK was still located in that student-flat not far from Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh…

AK Press (Noise fest #2) aAK Press (Noise fest #2) bAK Press (Noise fest #2) c————————-

Ramsey Kanaan

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