Attitude (interview by Daragh Hayes in 1987)

While on an exchange-programme in Germany, Daragh Hayes (the later bassist of ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ – 16 at the time) interviewed ‘Attitude’ who were were touring Europe. His intention was to publish it in a zine he wanted to do with a mate but that didn’t work out. It eventually (in the new century) ended up in Equalizing Distort, a monthly publication that is an extension of the weekly radio-show (dedicated to the underground hardcore-punk scene) that Stephe(n) Perry (singer of the band ‘One Blood’, and co-editor of Drastic Solutions zine) and friends are doing for a Toronto radio-station.

Just as myself, Daragh seemed a bit disappointed by the band’s attitude. I was also really impressed by ‘Attitude Adjustment’s LP American Paranoia (of which my band covered a few songs) but when meeting them in Belgium (our collective also set up a show for them: 87-12-11), I was a bit disappointed by their “American HC imperialism” and rather commercial way of thinking. On this tour Andy Andersen (vocals), Chris Scaparro (guitar) and Rick Strahl (bass) took drummer Joey Devlin along. The summer before this tour they had recorded the Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland 12” with Keith Chatham (‘Condemned to Death’ guitarist) playing bass and Paul Birnbaum (who was in ‘Septic Death’) on drums (replacing Chris Kontos). Paul left the band before the tour… Joey played on the The Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious 12″ (recorded in Germany early Dec. ’87) but when ‘Attitude’ got back to the USA they kicked him out of the band…

- Attitude (Daragh Hayes) a- Attitude (Daragh Hayes) b- Attitude (Daragh Hayes) c

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