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Martin Sprouse (Think For Yourself #13)

At Blacklist distribution in San Francisco in August ’89; that’s where I met Martin Sprouse. I knew about his involvement with Maximum RocknRoll & the Gilman Street Project, and that he had done a zine (Leading Edge, “very influential positive/edge … Continue reading

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Bambix (Anti #4)

‘Bambix’ seems to have been around forever. But the band as it is today, doesn’t really resemble the one which I got to know originally somewhere halfway the 80s. The line-up back in those days was 3 super-energetic young women … Continue reading

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Unhinged (Infest #1)

Infest was the zine done by Stéphane ‘Scholl’ Brochier, the guitarist of ‘Undone’. He studied political sciences in Paris, and also ran a label and distro (called Kleines Mädchen). A nice fellow and great friend. Here he interviewed ‘Unhinged’ (from … Continue reading

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Sore Throat (Armed With Anger #1)

After I’d had a beating by the ‘Napalm Death’ guys and published an open letter about that (late 80s), I discovered another guy in England had simlilar experiences: Rich(ard) ‘Militia’ Walker. That created some kind of bond. I eventually got … Continue reading

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