Pleasant Valley Children (Dingo Baby #3)

Despite the positive-sounding name, a rather nihilist approach of punk… ‘Pleasant Valley Children’ (from Leeds) was a new outfit where our mate ‘Sned’ was drumming for. Can’t remember if he was still in ‘Generic’ at the same time… Also in ‘P.V.C.’ was ‘Pig Havok/Havoc’ (Paul Clarke, later in ‘Bugeyed’ & ‘Liz Gizzad’). As someone described him: the “demonically possessed” vocalist. Andrew ‘Monkey’ Clark-Monks (also ‘Bugeyed’) played guitar and Percy did the bass. They’d recorded a demo (Who Needs Love To Have Any Fun!) in January 1989 – later released on a split-10″ with ‘Generic’ – and were about to record for a 7″ (What The World Needs Now; released by Words Of Warning – who would later also put out their LP Fuck Kill Destroy). They played at the Vort’n Vis (90-06-24) and I saw them in a couple of other places…

Dingo Baby was the first zine published by my mate/correspondent (“real communication”) Anthony Palmer (originally from Hebden Bridge [between Bradford & Blackpool]) but residing in Leeds and Middlesbrough during those years). His own columns got more and more prominent during the first 3 issues he published. He also interviewed some thoughtprovoking bands and people such as ‘Fugazi’, ‘Active Minds’, ‘Lärm’, ‘Internal Autonomy’, ‘Cringer’, Becky Francis, etc. His following zine-project (1990) contained more personal stuff with one issue of a zine called Gravelhand (limited print-run of 100 copies that came with a poster and a booklet; also featured further writings from other zine-publishers and musicians). Dingo Baby returned in 1991 as a free leaflet (3 further issues) and later became more controversial. The final 7th issue late 1992 was full-size again. Between 1993 and 1999, Anth published 10 issues of his new zine called Duhhh (even more misanthropic/nihilist) – with some splits with Bunker, Shag Stamp, Charred Remains & Smitten. He quit Duhhh prior to moving to Copenhagen. Anth was also one the vocalists of ‘Embittered’ in the early 90s…

Pleasant Valley Children (Dingo Baby #3) aPleasant Valley Children (Dingo Baby #3) b

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