Life But How To Live It (Sorte Rose #10)

In 1986 I traveled to Kopenhagen & Odense and discovered the Danish HC/punk scene. Alborg was too far up North to go there but my new mates (Anderz & Kent, Nielsen of course) must’ve told me about the place and I guess that’s how I started to correspond with Jakob (another Nielsen) who was doing a zine (Sorte Rose, Danish for black rose) and volunteered at the local venue 1000 Fryd. We distributed each other’s zine and he visited here. Later he was involved with some other zines (The Great Enoch – Join Kao). I believe he also played in a few bands. Jakob took a lot of awesome photos and is good in graphic arts.

Meeting the band ‘So Much Hate‘ got me interested in the Norwegian scene. The autonomous centre Blitz in Oslo, that they were involved in, became an inspiration. One of the bands that was connected to that scene was ‘Life But How To Live It’: their singer Katja Benneche Osvold used to do a radio-show there. I’d met her when she was touring with ‘Stengte Dører’ and got excited when I heard she was in a band. Of course us Smurfpunx did a show for ‘L.B.H.T.L.I.‘ on their first tour and in later years I helped them out (with gigs and distribution) aswell. The others in the band were borthers Roger (guitar) & Tom (bass) Andreassen and Geir Petter ‘Dyret’ Jenssen (drums). I really love their rocking hardcore-punk along with Katja’s heartfelt singing (always sends shivers down my spine). Check out their records! Katja became a teacher and the brothers went on to play in bands such as ‘Danger!Man’ and ‘Drunk’.

LBHTLI (Sorte Rose #10) aLBHTLI (Sorte Rose #10) b

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