Spitboy (Simba #2)

An interview that Vique Martin did with the outspoken women of ‘Spitboy’. Vique’s zine dealed with egalitarianism on many levels (feminism, animal-rights, etc.). I admired her intellect and courage so it was only obvious to help distribute her writings. In the end she ‘wandered off’ in a direction that I wouldn’t have taken but still…I guess there are more things we would agree than disagree upon. Her zine was a bench- and hallmark in the zine-world for sure.

As you can read, the ‘Spitboy’ women answered the questions on tape. Something they would do for me too later on aswell (if I remember correctly). At that time I was also dsitributing their records and vocalist Adrienne’s zine Too Far. We corresponded and after I had transcribed the interview, I asked them to clarify and comment certain things. For some reason (a misunderstanding, I’m still convinced) this wasn’t well-received and the outcome was that the interview wasn’t published. Pity ’cause they had a lot of interesting things to say…

This interview here was a good introduction to a band that we would be able to see/hear play live shortly after (@ the Vort’n Vis 93-05-01).

Spitboy (Simba #2) aSpitboy (Simba #2) bSpitboy (Simba #2) c

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