Dir Yassin (Tranzophobia #8)

3 years after their split-zine with Accords Et A Cris, the Tranzophobia crew (Saint-Etienne, France) compiled a whole bunch of old and new interviews into a great-looking publication – under the guidance of Fabrice Drevet (drummer of ‘Vomit For Breakfast’, etc.) & Silvain Fayard; and with the help of many. They started in the early 90s; Fabrice & Silvain also released records and did radio-shows. Nowadays Silvain still organises concerts in Saint-Etienne (with a collective named La France Pue – France Stinks – that also runs a distribution). Fabrice runs a label, Kick Rock, and plays for ‘Koenigstein Youth’ & ‘State Poison’. Silvain also runs the Tranzophobia label and is still doing the radio-show with other people from the collective.

Tranzophobiacover by Ivan Brun

The Israeli band ‘Nekhei Natzaa is mentioned elsewhere. Federico ‘Fede’ Gómez went on to sing for ‘Dir Yassin’, teaming up with guitarist Kobbi (ex ‘Urban Skate Fanatics’), Haim (bass), Fede (drums) & Adi (vocals; ex ‘Useless ID’, etc.). The band toured Europe in 1999 wit guitarist ‘Johnny’ Jonathan (ex ‘Oi Va’avoi’ etc.); they played 2 shows in Belgium with ‘Brother Inferior’. They were a political band and outspokenly anti-Zionist, in favour of the rights of the Palestian people to have their own land/state; “the name was chosen as an effort to bring the sublimed bloody facts [massacre in the Palestinian village Deir Yassin by Zionist armed forces in 1948] of Zionism and Israel’s history back into its collective consciousness”. They wrote a pamphlet about that (see below). The Berliner label Thought Crime recs released the 7″ Durchbrechender Geist (’98). A self-titled 7″ followed on Martin ‘Crudos’ Sorrondeguy’s label Lengua Armada Discos (2001). Then a split-7″ with ‘Sin Dios’ and others (2002) and the Hitpakchut 7″ (on La Vida Es Un Mus, 2003). The music was super-fast grindy thrashcore with the lyrics sung in Hebrew.

Dir Yassin (Tranzophobia) aDir Yassin (Tranzophobia) bDir Yassin (Tranzophobia) c————————-

Dir Yassin Pamphlet coverDir Yassin Pamphlet 1Dir Yassin Pamphlet 2Dir Yassin Pamphlet 3Dir Yassin Pamphlet 4Dir Yassin Pamphlet 5Dir Yassin Pamphlet 6Dir Yassin Pamphlet back

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