Corrupted Morals (Strul #5)

When I was organising ‘Lethal Gospel’s 3rd European tour in 1989, I got in touch with Patrick Fredriksson who started organising shows in his hometown Gävle (Sweden). This was the first show he promoted. ‘No Means No’, ‘Fugazi’ and many more followed. He also did a zine – entitled Strul (which means “trivial, petty, useless, insignificant”) – so I guess we traded. I got issue #5 (interview with ‘Corrupted Morals’, ‘Desecration’, ’16 B.U.H.’, ‘K.G.B.’, etc.), which was the last one as he was goin’ to start doing Screaming Mess with his mate Patrik Söderberg (they had done a Swedish HC compilation-tape together).

During a stay in San Francisco (1989) I purchased ‘Corrupted Morals’ first 7″ (Chet; out on LookOut recs). They were a political band and connected to MaximumRock’n’Roll’s venue (924 Gilman street), and got a lot of attention from European zines aswell… This interview was done with vocalist Rick Morgan. The others were Ray Sebastian & Dan Boland (guitar), Jose Mariscol (drums) and Roman (bass)… From the review in Tilt! #4: >>C.M. play powerful straight-forward HC with some breaks. Very good and original socio-cultural lyrics. A record  with a song called Peer Pressure (talks about what SxE really is, even though C.M. isn’t a straight-edge band) is not to be left aside.<<


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