Citizens Arrest (In Memory Of #4)

David Koenig (Linden, New Jersey) did 4 issues of In Memory Of… at the end of the 80s. It started as an info-sheet with mostly flyers and reviews. He also did a few compilation-tapes. The second issues featured a couple of columns (David on major labels in the HC scene, and Adam Nathanson – ‘Life’s Blood’ and later ‘Born Against’ – on the politics of straight-edge) and a talk with Ray Cappo of ‘Youth Of Today’. Adam got more involved and made it more critical (e.g. towards the macho/racist/nationalist tendencies amonst certain NYHC bands). #3 had interviews with ‘Infest’ & ‘Krakdown’. Besides the one below, #4 also contained interviews with ‘Born Against’, ‘Absolution’, ‘Life’s Blood’; bands that I’d gotten to know through Freddy Alva’s New breed compilation-tape. The latter is, if I remember well, also the one who send me issues of this zine and kept me informed about what they were doing at New York’s ABC No Rio… After IMO (in the 90s), Dave started a new fanzine entitled Hardware (together with Brett Beach). He’s also the author of the book New York Hardcore 1986-1993.

I’m reprinting this interview with ‘Citizens Arrest’ (from their early days) here because I was (still am) really impressed by their releases on Freddy’s label Wardance: the 7″ A Light In The Darkness and the LP Colussus. The band-members were Daryl Kahan (vocals; later ‘Assück, etc.), Janis C(h)akars (guitar), Joe Martin (bass) & Patrick Winter (drums). I never got to see the band live unfortunately but witnessed Janis’ & Joe’s new combo ‘Hell No’ when they played on 92-07-25.

+ Citizen Arrest (In Memory Of #4) a+ Citizen Arrest (In Memory Of #4) b

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