Archbishop Kebab (Einseitig #1)

I got the first issue (actually just 8 pages) of Einseitig (“one-sided”). No idea how I obtained it but probably from ‘Madness’ Reinhard Vinkelau (‘Störfall Mensch’ drummer), who’s mentioned as the contact. There’s quite a few people listed as contributers: Stefan Honerkamp, Michael Frohoff, Stefan Degen, Ansgar Meyer zu Riemsloh, etc. (all from the Münster area).


We always did a German and a English version. I don’t remember how many issues we did but I did find #5 [interviews with ‘Kina’ & ‘Fierce’, info on animal activists, etc.]. In the German issue of that, I read Einseitig started by the end of 1989. We quit around 1993. During these years we also organised concerts & festivals in Münster. The zine was done by a group of people, the Einseitig crew: ‘Madness’, ‘Frulle’, ‘Stetze’, ‘Alk’ (‘Bone’), Ansgar, Carsten and me. And we had some guest-writers that changed every issue.

Our background was the HC/punk-scene of the 80s. We met in Münster where we were studying. It was a horrible place at that time and we wanted to change that. So we decided the do a fanzine, organise HC/punk-concerts, etc. The idea of the zine was to do just one page every issue. Later it turned into more. Some of us were also involved in animal-rights activism (see Tarzan And His Gang in #5) and 30 years later we’re still vegetarian/vegan.

Ralf Titzmann

‘Archbishop Kebab’ (Edinburgh, Scotland) was collective playing avant-gardesque/ experimental punky stuff… “Their bass heavy sound has developed to embrace elements of dub, afro-beat and ska to their no wave frenetic post jazzcore”. They also held a “confrontational anarcho-punk perspective”. They got togteher in 1986-87; this interview is done with vocalist Karen in ‘89 (before their first album, Yinferranodgie). The line-up at that time: Karen Jack (vocals/guitar/melodica/sax), Duncan (drums), George (bass), Marcus (guitar), James (fiddle) & Neil Bateman (mandolin; later also in ‘Badgewearer’).

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