Born Against (No Answers #10)


Another interview from Kent McClard’s zine No Answers. This one here’s from the last issue of it’s kind (There was a #10.5, which was a half-sized zine that was much more personal.), before he started (March ’94) HeartAttack. N.A. was referred to as “Ebullition by-product” (Kent had started his record-label in 1990)… The zine came with a ‘Born Against’/’Suckerpunch’ 8″ flexi and an insert by Jamey Billig (of the Fanzine-That-Had-No-Name). The latter was also interviewed for this N.A. #10, together with some more people from the 805 – telephone-code for the area around Santa Barabara, Goleta, etc. (California) – scene: ‘Suckerpunch’, Sonia Skindrud of Exedra zine; plus ‘Amenity’ from San Diego.

Kent also had a lengthy conversation with the guys of ‘Born Against’, around the same time I had interviewed them myself: Sam & Adam of ‘Born Against’ * summer 1991 (Tilt! #6) a bit before they toured Europe (see 92-03-08 & 92-04-18). They were provocative, outspoken & critical, and by times unruly (especially fellow zinester Sam & his ally Adam); but also intelligent, well-grounded & assertive – the way I like it! In the band at that moment: Sam McPheeters (vocals; editor of various zines; founder of the record-label Vermiform; later ‘Men’s Recovery Project’ – nowadays author), Adam Nathanson (guitar; ex ‘Life’s Blood’, later ‘Young Pioneers’), Javier Villegas (bass) & Jon Hiltz (drums; later ‘Greyhouse’).


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