Black Flag (Final Curtain #10)

Final Curtain was a punk & hardcore music fanzine that ‘Plebb’ Paul May (from Grays, Essex) did in the early 1980s (with support of some contributors). He also did a few compilation-tapes (under that name), one of which was entitled Your Daily Dose Of Misery.

I’d never seen any issues until my mate Dirk Ceustermans borrowed me #10. I believe Paul lives in Seattle nowadays but I couldn’t get a response… Some (later) issues are downloadable from the www and Ben ‘Sicko’ used to review them in Raising Hell…

Contents? Interviews, features, reports, cartoons – too much to mention. Some names… ‘Omega Tribe’, ‘The System’, ‘Esistance 77’,  … (#4); ‘Xpozez’, ‘Varukers’, ‘Lost Cherrees’, ‘Napalm Death’, … (#5, Nov 82);  ‘One Way System’, ‘Mau Maus’, ‘Chaotic Dischord’, … (#6, Jan 83); ‘English Dogs’, ‘Dioxina’, ‘Anti-System’, ‘Potential Threat’, ‘4 Minute Warning’, … (#8); ‘Amebix’, ‘The Sears’, ‘Deformed’, ‘Paralax’, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘Poison Idea’, ‘Abductors’, ‘Negative Earth’, ‘Mental Distraction’, ‘Funeral Oration’, scene-report from France (#9, Nov 83); ‘Broken Bones’, ‘Black Flag’, ‘Iconcoclasts’, ‘Conflict’ (USA), ‘Red Brigade’ (#10, Feb 84); ‘Dirge’, ‘Scapegoats’, ‘Onslaught’, ‘Post Mortem’ (#11, Aug 84); ‘Lunatic Fringe’, ‘Concrete Sox‘, ‘Sacrilege’, … (#13, Jul 85); ‘Anihilated’, ‘S.A.S.’, ‘Desecrators’, ‘Half Life’, Ivor The Anarchist, … (#14, Feb 86)

The interview with ‘Black Flag’ was conducted (by Kalvin Piper) when the band played in London in 1983. At the time the band consisted of Henry Rollins (vocals), Greg Ginn (guitar), ‘Chuck Dukowski’ Gary McDaniel (bass), ‘Dez’ Dennis Cadena (guitar; also ‘Red Kross’) & Bill Stevenson (drums; also ‘Descendents’, replacing ‘Chuck Biscuits’ Charles Montgomery who was also in ‘D.O.A.’).

I interviewed ‘Black Flag’ (Henry Rollins & Bill Stevenson) in early 1983. I did a fanzine that only lasted 2 issues so the interview was ‘donated’ to Paul May’s Final Curtain fanzine. I was 17 years old at the time – my questions were not exactly insightful but Henry spoke so much and with so much enthusiasm it didn’t matter anyway.

Kalvin Piper

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