Vique ‘Simba’ Martin (Chimps #2)

Simba was the zine that Vique Martin (Brighton/Leeds), a Psychology Master, did in the 90s. Her writings were always ultra-personal but thought-provoking. She was the zine-heroine of many, a pain-in-the-arse for others. A ‘chick up front’ that wouldn’t take no for an answer… A comprehensive selection of pieces from her zine and guest-contributions in other zines has been compiled into a book. Vique also ran a record-label and a distribution. Later she moved to the U.S. where she’s working for Revelation recs.

She’s interviewed here by Layla Gibbon (also from Brighton and also moved to the U.S.). Layla played in riot grrrl bands (‘Skinned Teen’ & ‘Petty Crime’) in the UK and later started working at Maximum RocknRoll as a columnist, reviewer and ‘content coordinator’. Chimps was “a zine focused on punk and skateboarding from a feminist perspective”.

The interview is rather brief; perhaps because Layla got “cynical” about the zine-world as she wrote me in the late 90s (which didn’t keep her from reaching 10 issues) or because Vique was rather brief in answering (as I experienced many times). Anyway, I wanted to re-publish this, as it combines 2 generations of riot grrrls.

Thanks to Darren ‘Tadpole’ Bourne for scanning it, as I lost my copy.

Vique Simba (Chimps) aVique Simba (Chimps) b

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