Scraps (Raising Hell #19)

Now that ‘Scraps’ (homebase: Lille, France) are doing concerts again after quite a big hiatus, I thought it was appropriate to re-publish this interview from their early days. It dates from the period where they evolved from a noisy chaos-core band with a bit of a drunk-punk attitide to a more political band with less intoxicated minds. The Dutriaux brothers had just enlisted Tomoy as bassist & Xavier as drummer, and were about to record their LP for Be Yourself recs (Wrapped Up In This Society)…

Interviewer was (my penpal) Ben ‘Sicko’ Cooper, whose zine – Raising Hell – was a standard/reference to (hardcore)punx worldwide. It appeared upto 3-4 times a year and was packed with interviews, a letter-section, columns and reviews. He was active in and around the 1in12 scene (Bradford/Leeds). In the early 90s he moved to London and changed the name of his zine into You’re So Hideous (and operated from the 121 Railton Rd squat in Brixton).

Scraps (Raising Hell #19) aScraps (Raising Hell #19) bScraps (Raising Hell #19) cScraps (Raising Hell #19) d

Scraps (Raising Hell #20)

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