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Final Conflict (Bonzen #8)

Florian Helmchen (‘Squandered Message’ bassist) introduced me to his housemate’s – ‘Z√ľndi’ Michael Laszlo, in Kreuzberg, Berlin – The Bonzen fanzine. Actually Flo contributed also quite a bit (together with ‘Onkel’ Ahmad Riedewald, Knut Neundorf, etc.) and took care of … Continue reading

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Men Against Sexist Shit (Attitude Problem #25)

I helped distribute the M.A.S.S. pamphlets during the 90s… I’m republishing this interview that Steve Hyland (A Network Of Friends, Means To End concerts, ‘Realities Of War’ vocalist) did with them (beginning of the 90s) because it’s -sad to say- … Continue reading

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Gulag (UK Resist #5)

UK Resist’s founder Jake Lagnado confirms what I remember: “UK Resist grew out of a monthly free newsletter of the same name (Which listed gigs and general news and political rants – as much as could be squeezed onto a … Continue reading

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