‘Hazel’ Lepers (Not Even #4)

I published an interview from Treadmill (a collaborative zine) here already. Besides that one, Daisy Rooks (Bethesda, Md & Washington DC) did a zine of her own: Not Even (of which I distributed a couple of issues). This one is done after the collaboration. I’d gotten to know about it through the socalled Chicks Up Front Posse (Vique Martin, Kim Nolan, etc.), which encouraged girls/women in the HC/punk scene to claim their space at concerts, without letting them be intimidated by violent dancing, macho behaviour or sexism in general. C.U.F. started off as a joke between Daisy and her sister but it got picked up by women in the HC scene who wanted to let their voices be heard. It had nothing to do with Riot Grrrl… In DC Daisy also ran a zine distro project called Mean Kids distro.

H - intro (Not Even #4)

Nowadays Daisy is an assistant professor (PhD) at the Dep. of Sociology of the University of Montana and does work about labour and labour-movements, social movements and collective action, sociology of education and sociology of work.

Here’s an interview with (Daisy’s words) the first “euro-edge girl” that she met: Francçoise ‘Hazel’ Lepers – which I happened to know from our Vort’n Vis scene (both of us being ‘shitworkers’ there). In the late 80s she was in a band called ‘The Midnight Men’ (together with Edward Verhaeghe). In the early 90s they started which was probably the first Belgian straigh-edge band: ‘Rise Above’ (where she played bass). When these folded, she was (guitarist) in ‘Nations On Fire’ for a while, then came ‘Shortsight’ and ‘Sherry’. She also did a zine entitled Superfluous at some timepoint. Being a ‘chick up front’, she definitely held feminist ideas, allthough she wasn’t militant about it.

Hazel lived in Richmond, Va for a while and now in Washington DC where’s she’s working in the fashion-world (she has a “BA in Textile Design and Engineering”).

Hazel (Not Even #4) aHazel (Not Even #4) bHazel (Not Even #4) c

92-09-05 Helene, Hazel and Saskia outside the V.V.The sisterhood: Helene (Subjugation recs), Hazel & Saskia (‘Shortsight’) in front of the V.V. (1992)

89-09-24 Rise Above (Limelight) HazelHazel with ‘Rise Above’ (1989)

92 Shortsight with Hazel (by Cathy B)Hazel with ‘Shortsight’ (1992)

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