Colt Turkey (Cross Block #1)

Colt Turkey was a one-off fanzine (and cartoon-character) done by Bart ‘Burt’ Griffioen and Michiel Bakker. As a side-project they and their mates in ‘Profound’/’Man Lifting Banner’ recorded the infamous ‘Colt Turkey’ – Christmas Sucks 7″ which came out in December 1990 to celebrate a “red christmas”. Red as in “Communist straight-edge” or “XXX Marxist Edge”. The message was about sharing, solidarity and the struggle against capitalism. X-mas being a symbol of big business and mindless consumerism. The guys also promoted vegetarianism/veganism. The interview is set up as a talk with the Colt Turkey character…

Marc Herbertz from Ratingen (German Ruhr-gebiet) did Cross Block, a SxE fanzine. This 1st issue (just 8 A5 pages) contained also show-reviews and record-reviews. #2 featured ‘Profound’, ‘Rise Above’ and ‘Gorilla Biscuits’.

 Colt Turkey (Cross Block #1 '89) aColt Turkey (Cross Block #1 '89) bfrom the 7″:

Colt Turkey coverColt Turkey insert

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