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Profax (Silent Majority #1)

Work, family and a nice and long fall season in the Swiss mountains distracted me from writing this up. Actually, that was also the reason why 15 years ago I started to disengage step by step from the hardcore scene. … Continue reading

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Ludichrist (Nice Noise #2)

This zine was done by Jakob ‘Jalle’ Pedersen (from Roskilde, Denmark) and his mates Jacob, Thomas & Jonas). Never saw it until someone suggested it (#2 is on the www). It’s mainly a (a-political) music-zine (thrash/hardcore/metal/crossover)… The second issue appeared … Continue reading

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Peggio Punx (ControCultura #3)

I read some reviews of this zine in Raising Hell but never got to see this zine back in the days. It was written in Italian. Adriano ‘Magou’ Di Gaspero from Faedis (near Udine, Italy) was the editor. He sent … Continue reading

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S.F.A. (New Breed #1)

After the first and only issue of his fanzine F.T.W., New Yorker Freddy Alva teamed up with Chris Wynne (later In Effect zine) & ‘Tatu’ Paul A. (bassist of the oi! band ‘Oxblood’). to do this one… There were band-interviews … Continue reading

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