Uniform Choice (No Loitering #6)

Talking of straight-edge people usually refer to ‘Minor Threat’ and ‘Youth Of Today’ but ‘Uniform Choice’ (with anthems such as Straight And Alert or Screaming For Change) were at least equally important. Myself, I also wore their T-shirt (yes there’s photographs of that) and sang along with the tracks of their first album (Screaming For Change). It’s a standard! The line-up on the record was Dave Mellow (bass), Vic Maynez (guitar), Patrick Longrie/Pat Dyson (drums) and Patrick Dubar (vocals). The latter 2 ran their label Wishingwell recs. This interview was with them.

The fanzine in which it appeared was No Loitering; done by Darren Mock. The guy was then still living in Oklahoma but would later on play bass for ‘Verbal Assault’. In this issue #6 there’s also an interview with ‘V.A.’s singer Christopher Jones, aswell as a talk with Billy Rubin of ‘Half Off’ and an interview with ‘7 Seconds’…

Uniform Choice (No Loitering #6) aUniform Choice (No Loitering #6) bUniform Choice (No Loitering #6) c

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1 Response to Uniform Choice (No Loitering #6)

  1. Pat Dyson says:

    I was the drummer for ‘Uniform Choice’ from 1983-1986… Longrie only played 2 songs on Screaming For change…

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