Final Exit (Reinforced #1)

This band (from Umeå, Sweden) was a side-project of ‘Refused’. Dennis Lyxzén played bass, Anders Johansson (ex ‘SaidIWas’) guitar, David/Dave Sandström (drummer of ‘Refused’) was the vocalist and Pär Hansson (ex ‘Abhinanda’ hit the drums). They had a couple of releases (some on Desperate Fight recs). After 2 albums (Teg, in 1994, and Umeå, in 1997), they “felt like there was no place in the world” for them because they were (according to themselves) “too real” and didn’t want to take part in “today’s fake scene”. Final Exit disbanded in 1997.

They were interviewed here by a kid (at that time aged 16) from Gislaved (Sweden), named Pär Fridholm. Reinforced was a straigh-edge zine and this issue contained interviews (also with ‘Frodus’ & ‘Turmoil’), guest-columns and reviews. Later he became the bassist of the band ‘8 Days Of Nothing’. Some of his friends helped im out (e.g. Daniel ‘Fagge’ Fagerström, guitarist of ‘8 Days Of Nothing’). Don’t know if there was a follow-up…

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