Profound (Nooit Meer #5)

Nooit Meer (“never again”) was the zine Marcel Schilpzand (nowadays running Gummopunx recs and record-collector) did. I’d gotten to know him at the end of the 80s when I started booking tours, and him and his friend Roland ‘Big’ Roller (later ‘Man Lifting Banner’ guitarist & ‘Mainstrike’ vocalist) sometimes organised gigs in a squatted bank-office (De Bank) in their hometown Apeldoorn (The Netherlands). In ’91 he moved to Amsterdam where he continued to do his mailorder, label and shows (in OCCII). The zine appeared in the late 80s and there were (as far as I know) 11 issues (of which I distributed quite a few)…

The zine was in Dutch and it contained band-interviews, reprints of socio-politcal articles & (gig-/record-)reviews & scene-reports. A non-exhaustive list based on the issues I found… #3 (1988): Dawn Of Liberty, The Regiment, SNFU; #4 (’88): Angry Red Planet, Doom; #5 (’89): Electro Hippies, Profound, Scraps; #6 (’89): Oi Polloi, NoFx; #7 (’90): Union Morbide; #8 (’90): Infest, Rise Above; #9 (’90): Dissent; Seein’Red #10 (’90): Courage, Satanic Malfunctions; #11 (’90): Crivits, Betray, Insted.


I did 13 issues…

Marcel ‘Gummo’

‘Profound’ was a relatively short-lived (1989-90) “communist straight edge” band with Paul & Olav van den Berg (ex ‘Lärm’), Bart ‘Burt’ Griffioen and Michiel Bakker; though they did a tape (Dutch Wolfpack) and Peter Hoeren released a 7″ EP (entitled Integrity) on his label (Anti-Schelski/Crucial Response recs). Around that time they played a show in Aalst (89-01-14). Later that year they added Roland Roller (second guitar) and then became ‘Colt Turkey’ and ‘Man Lifting Banner’. Paul & Olav also continued ‘Seein’Red’, and halfway the 90s Burt & Michiel were in ‘Dead Stoolpigeon’.


[translation below]

We started with ‘Profound’ in autumn of ’88; from that moment on the band got really serious. We have practiced with a second guitarist [Jos Houtveen?] for a while, but he left after some time because he didn’t have enough time. The members of the band have known each other for a long time from the Amersfoort scene and Definite Choice fanzine. The current line-up is: Paul, guitar / ‘Burt Alert’, bass / Olav, drums / Michiel, vocals.

Well I think that when you read [the lyrics] things become clear. But of course not all lyrics are inspired by one theme. We have political lyrics, personal ones, lyrics about what hardcore means, Straight Edge, a bit of everything. The lyrics are pretty much the message.

The band-name ‘Profound’ is a synonym for ‘abyss’ [chasm]. When you’ve made a choice in life for an alternative attitude and a different vision on the world, the society in which you live doesn’t accept this. The whole world is at the edge of the abyss and forces you into the same position. What can you do: run back in the hands of those who ‘lead’ and ‘love’ you, or stay where you are, and face the truth and try to change things. Try to make clear that you take a different position. You can also turn away from reality, take refuge in drugs or self-destruction. But that won’t help anything at all. Remain at the edge of the abyss and try to fight back. Don’t be tempted to return but also not fall into the deadly trap. No slave to the government, no slave to the drug-world. You better stay clear and keep your eyes open.

Nooit Meer: What do you, being an S.E. band, think of the way S.E. is being promoted in New York? By this I mean the sometimes aggressive lyrics.

Well personally I have nothing against that. In principle, that way doesn’t differ from mine. But I think you’re referring to bands such as ‘Project X’ and ‘Judge’. The first band is actually a joke, at least: the lyrics about Straight Edge are not meant to be taken literally. ‘Judge’ is a serious band. I don’t really like bands that preach hatred and violence when it comes to Straight Edge. On the other hand, I can very well imagine the feeling from which these lyrics were born. Drunken people and smokers terrorise the scene, or at least the people who would rather not have to deal with that mess. They have a feeling of ‘we don’t wanna take that any longer’.

To add my story about the Straight Edge issue… Jerks walking around at a concert with anti Straight Edge buttons: my god, what problems these people had with themselves. I have chosen freedom, not slavery. That they do what they do: fine. As long as I don’t get confronted with it! If those people don’t realise that they’re violating the right of people to lead their lives in their own way, then they can’t but expect me to compare them with nazis. The nazis – for those of you who have forgotten – were a group of people who simply denied a certain other group the right to live and they gassed them…! Public gun-ownership is allowed in America; so go over there, because I don’t want to succumb to your bad habits. Now I’m purely talking about my own person. Think of what your support to the tobacco- and drug-industry is doing to the rest of the world. I’m talking about people’s lives here goddamned. Don’t you have any respect in your bodies??? !!! I no longer have respect for you.

Nooit Meer: How do you think to carry out your ideas in a clear way during concerts?

Well, before every song I tell what it’s about and why I wrote it; although it usually doesn’t matter a lot. The main part of our songs is political but in Apeldoorn there were people who didn’t listen or didn’t want to hear what I was saying, so later on they came up to me with the idea that all songs I’d sung were somewhat about Straight Edge. These dickheads apparently had been too busy with other things; they hadn’t listened to me! So after the concert they asked me why I didn’t sing about political issues. I mean: you can try what you want; most are too apathetic to really listen to you and that appears to be especially difficult when it concerns a band with a different opinion and a different sound (no ultra-fast mega-speed-hyper-mosh-fuckin’ thrash or speedmetal). But I keep trying…

Nooit Meer: What do you think of the development that small labels cooperate with large ones such; e.g. Hawker / Roadrunner, Positive Force / Giant?

Not a good thing! Hardcore is independent and that has to stay that way. We’ve had (and still do have) that crossover nonsense, now we’re getting this. Do not ‘Bow for the Buck $’ [one of ‘Profound’s songs] !!!

Nooit Meer: Do you think it’s important to be politically engaged, also outside the band?

Well, yes, that’s important, but I don’t have the time for it; moreover: what do politics actually bring us? Being politically active what does that actually mean? I’m not member of a party but I do vote. I also go to demonstrations. I intend to become a member of Greepeace, who do something at least. Amnesty International is also OK but sometimes they have a bit of a hard time questioning themselves. If that means being politically active, then I am, otherwise apparently not.

Nooit Meer: What do you think of the hardcore/punk movement in the Netherlands?

Well, I think it’s pretty much at a low. There are a lot of active people but whether that is enough: I doubt it. I see a lot of people turning towards speedmetal. Punks today have no real connection with hardcore anymore. I think the spirit of ‘77 will come back; that is precisely what we don’t need. What we do need is the spirit of ‘89, something new, the scene should become a lot more positive and constructive in my opinion. It looks like a one-man show. And the taboo, as far as I am concerned, may well disappear, the taboo called Straight Edge. We are only a minority but we want more.

Nooit Meer: What are your influences, musically and in terms of ideas? And what kind of music do you like yourselves?

We obviously play music that we love and we are inspired by the bands we love. Lyrically, mostly: ‘Offenders’, ‘Youth Of Today’, ‘Verbal Assault’ and ‘S.S.D.’ [Society System Decontrol]. I also love ‘Minor Threat’, ‘Uniform Choice’, ‘Judge’, ‘Project X’, ‘Gorilla Biscuits’, ‘Bold’, ‘The Clash’, ‘Black Flag’, ‘M.D.C.’, ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Negative Approach’, ‘D.Y.S.’ [Department Of Youth Services; with Dave Smalley & Franz Stahl], ‘S.F.A.’ [Stands For Anything], ‘Lärm’, ‘Straight Ahead’, ‘Stalag’ 13, ‘McRad’, ‘J.F.A.’ [Jodie Foster’s Army], ‘Government Issue’, etc. I also like some classics such as Satie, Rachmaninov and Mahler. And ‘The Style Council’, ‘Fine Young Cannibals’, ‘Specials’, ‘The Beat’, ‘Redskins’, etc.; enough?

Nooit Meer: What do you think about the release of the from ‘Breda two’ [2 of 4 remaining German nazis with a long-life sentence receiving ‘grace’…]?

Well, we don’t agree with that of course. Violation of human rights is a serious matter. Nazis shouldn’t be allowed to be released from prison just like that. This is the umpteenth post-war victory for them, there still is a goddamn war! Besides: this ‘rule of law’ does apply to people, not to non-people.

Nooit Meer: What do you guys do in daily life? And how long do you think you’ll be involved in the punk/HC-movement, and will you still get something out of it later on when you’re older?

Paul and Olav are unemployed, Burt is at the art-academy in Utrecht. I’m studying history at the Utrecht University. And oh well, that hardcore scene… I do want to get out of it by now; try something else again – just kidding. I wouldn’t know how long this will stay in my blood but if later on I’m not anymore what I am now, I will surely have gotten something out of it. Besides, I’ve learned to think for myself by now; that is something that will always stay. Furthermore: the principles, the ideals; I’m hoping I’ll stick to them. Moreover: I also find myself in an era of big change; I keep paying attention…

Nooit Meer: Do you consider playing in a band as a hobby or is there a lifestyle behind it?

I turned my lifestyle into my hobby. Or no: I’m happy that I have been able to turn my hobby into my lifestyle, or vice versa. OK, I don’t know more than this: ‘It’s more than music, it’s a lifestyle’ (‘Verbal Assault’); also for me.

Nooit Meer: Something else to tell to the readers of this magazine, etc.?

Well, have a lot of pleasure reading this. I wouldn’t mind if you all stopped smoking and started to drink more moderately, or quit all together. You know what: if you all turn Straight Edge, grandma will bake you a delicious cake. I mean…think about it. Life is serious for some people. You’re just addicted to a bad habit, don’t be sadistic and think about the victims too! Sorry, I have to leave, I believe I have to get my Cowboy Henk [Belgian cartoon-character] out of the oven, otherwise he’ll be burned and that’s a shame because it’s such a good boy.

Greetings. Mr Proper XXX

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