Yann Boislève (Embrace #3)

Saha Hensem from Kluang, Johor (Malaysia) did this zine. I believe there were 8 (?) issues of Embrace (1997 to 2002). He also did some newsletters (entitled Hardcore; 1997 to 1999, #1 to #5). Tijs S. has a few copies (#3 & 4) he borrowed me… (There’s also a couple of issues from the noughties on the www.) Saha was quite active in the local HC/punk scene: besides doing zines, he compiled some benefit-tapes, ran a tape/record-distribution, etc.

The first issue of Embrace came out in June 97. #2 featured ‘Mine’, Ilias of No Name zine, Tea of Pssst zine, scene-reports (Belgium, Greece, Lion-city), zine-reviews, etc. Hardline goes un-commented. #3 (97-98) was subtitled ‘Straight Edge Fanzine’: Bridge Of Compassion recs (Swe), ‘Morning After’ (Fin), ‘Step Back’ (UK), ‘Carpe Diem’ (Fin), Christian Unsinn of Kiki distribution, Tom Lang of Our Struggle zine, ‘Rubbish Heap’, Yann Boislève, scene-reports (Slovakia, Singapore, etc.), columns (by Saha but also by guests) & reviews. #4 (98) contained columns/letters/reviews/scene-reports, and (mostly) brief interviews with ‘Highscore’, Unhinged’, ‘Peace Of Mind’, Stonehenge recs, ‘Petrograd’, ‘Rubbish Heap’, ‘Directed Crew’, ‘Eternit’, ‘Stalingrad’, ‘Honey Honey’ & Shannon Colebank (Flashpoint).


Saha Embrace was an old friend of mine but he left the scene. He wanted to go back to being a stranger in the streets and to forget about HC/punk. I lost contact with him…

Aus Mat Husain

The interview below is with Yann Boislève (Rennes, France) who did the International SxE Bulletin, ran a distribution and released records. He was also a volunteer for an animal-rights organisation. After the turn of the century he did a blog entitled International Punk Hardcore for a while. Nowadays he lives in the south of France (with his partner Sandrine), where his brother Pierre ‘El Trasgo’ also is. Yann is active in the promotion of animal-rights, biodiversity, ecologic preservation and renewable energy.

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