Frites Modern (Trashkrant #3)

1983-84 was the period I was doing my civil service. The Belgian government had the idea that if you didn’t want to do military service, you ought be punished my doing 18-24 months (in stead of 12) and you had to get by with 25 BeF (60 eurocent) a day. Hence my financial means were pretty low; which meant: no money to go to concerts or buy records. One of the things that kept me up-to-date punk-wise was the weekly (Sunday ?) punk-show (I think it was called Spleen) on the Dutch VPRO radio. Which I taped and used to listen to again and again. I remember hearing ‘Frites Modern‘ there for the first time. I still have the tape of the live show that was broadcasted there but ‘F.M.’ will release that themselves… They were a hardcore punk band from Amsterdam playing (for that time) pretty fast tunes with catchy melodies & Dutch lyrics (quite tongue-in-cheeck/sarcastic).

Frites Modern tapecover (-)Since the opportunities to attend gigs were slim, I only managed to get my hands on zines from ’85 on. This one here was suggested and provided by ‘Stel’ (see Het Schandaal). Trashkrant was done by Folkert ‘Fokkie’ Walraven who I would later meet as the singer of ‘Strong Concentration Of Anger’ (‘S.C.A.’; from Amsterdam).


The Trashkrant was published from December 1984 to May 1986, 11 issues in total. I described the hardcore scene in the world but even more my own environment. I filled the pages with own reports, interviews, reviews and articles that I recieved via the mail. In the beginning I wanted to give it out for free but I gave that up after 2 issues, also because I swicthed from stencil to copying (better quality after #5; #10 was the only one on A4). Editing was fun; the cutting and pasting, and the distributing (100 on average). The fact that I got a lot of contacts and got sent fanzines, was a nice incidental. I had no message to carry out but I did have an opinion to proclaim. The Trashkrant was really meant as dustbin-paper and wasn’t an incorrect interpretation of the het American term Thrash (as some thought). I was also frequently reminded that my English was grammatically incorrect. I didn’t give a shit about that, come on, I just had a swimming-certificate! That I was in ‘S.C.A.’ was also a bonus because that got me to places and then I could write more concert-reports. A bit of publicity for the band, I didn’t mind about that. But the activities of Trashkrant were seperate from ‘S.C.A.’, the Trashkrant was my baby. A source of inspiration was especially the Koekrand by Johan van Leeuwen… I don’t know why I decided to quit the zine. Just as I don’t know that about the bands I was in. Let me put it this way: the Trashkrant gradually bled to death and went down because of its gigantic success!


[Translation below]

Frites Modern (Trashkrant #3) a - StelFrites Modern (Trashkrant #3) b - StelFrites Modern (Trashkrant #3) c - StelFrites Modern (Trashkrant #3) d - StelThe ‘Frites Modern’ interview

Who doesn’t know the guys who do Sesame Street and many other tunes? Right: everybody knows ‘Frites Modern’. That’s why I don’t need to make this introduction too long but I’ll give you some up-to-date news. On the occasion of their tour through Western-Germany and Switzerland, I talked with Jos [Belt] (bass) and, an old acquaintance of mine, Barend [Van Der Meer] (drums). Unfortunately Arjan [Boonacker; ex ‘Tröckener Kecks’] (guitar & vocals) couldn’t be present because of a throat-illness. I’m taking the opportunity here to wish him a speedy recovery.

Discography: 6 MET tape [‘83] / compilation-LP Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit [Vögelspin recs ‘82] / compilation-LP Welcome To 1984 [MaximumRocknRoll ‘84] / LP Veel, Vet, Goor En Duur [‘84]. [Their last LP Vernieuwd, Nu Nog Beter was recorded spring ’85 and in ‘86 they appeared on Starving Missile recs’ compilation The Power Of Love]

J = Jos / B = Barend / I = Interviewer

 I – Why do you sing in Dutch?

J – Why are you talking Dutch? For us Dutch is the normal way, you don’t go singing in English then, do you?

I – Yeah but everybody understand English.

B – I think that people don’t comprehend what’s being sung by a lot of the bands anyway.

I – Yes, but you do translate the lyrics on Welcome To 1984.

J – Because they asked us to do so; we often get questions about the lyrics from abroad, and that’s why we also ad translations of the lyrics with the Veel, Vet, Goor En Duur LP for the non-Dutch speaking people.

B – I think it’s also easier for Arjan. You can express yourself better in your own language than in a foreign language.

I – Why are you always so cheerful?

B – Do you think it’s always so merry?

I – Yeah.

J – The lyrics aren’t always that happy.

I – But the music is.

J – I don’t think so, it may sound varied but not all songs are not cheerful, especially not the lyrics.

I – I do believe everything sounds happy.

J – Well it’s not depressive or anything.

I – Positivos?

B – Yes, there’s still hope, right.

J – Look there: there’s a rainbow appearing on your wall.

I – You’re also converted then?

B – Yes, of course: satan in pop-music. Cisum-pop ni natas, esruoc fo, sey.

I – About the tour: where have you been?

B – Germany and Switzerland.

I – How did the audience respond there?

J – Different.

I – German heavos.

J – It was alright.

B – In Zürich e.g. hippies, punx, all mixed together.

J – Yeah, there were 300 people and half of them went outside when we started playing (while it was -5 degrees). But the other half did like it very much. There was a couple that traveled along to a few of our gigs. I liked Bielefeld and Nagold best, great atmosphere and pogo.

I – Are the Germans really a bit crazy? (Ed.: Why prejudiced?).

J – They are and remain Germans but it turned out fine this time: no dickheads and skins.

B – A tiny problem with tear-gas but apart from that everything was OK.

J – People were a bit startled by our appearance at first but after one song they knew what we were about.

B – The venue in Wiesbaden was an awful place; way too expensive.

I – Did they know who you were?

J – Yeah, some sang along to the chorusses.

I – Will there be new records?

J – We’ll probably put the tape out as a 7” because there’s so much demand for it. In about 2 months perhaps an LP and another surprise.

I – Where do they sell the best fries?

J – ‘Trekpatat’, a jar of potato-flour that drips pieces into the frying-grease. Delicious!!!

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