A piss-taking guide to Melbourne punk types from Woozy #1, 1992

Sometime in the second half of the 90s I got in touch with Iain McIntyre of Choozy, an independent distribution for music, fanzines and small publications (1996-2002) that had grown out of the zine Woozy that he started around 1992 with his friend Laura MacFarlane (who played the drums for ‘Sleater-Kinney’ halfway the 90s). She was orginally from Glasgow but had moved to Australia (Perth/Melbourne). Choozy sold some copies of my zine Tilt! in their area. There’s an account by Laura on the www…

I never got to see any issues of Woozy. Though they were true activists and the issues they dealt with were certainly thought-provoking, the bands they talked about were quite ‘indie’ and unknown in Europe…

Issues of Woozy are available as PDFs on the Reason In Revolt site.


I was involved in the punk & hardcore scene in Australia and the UK, but always thought of myself as more of an anarcho-indie kid because I was into a lot of different styles of music and mainly played in indie bands. I got to integrate these different sides through a band I did with my partner which did a few European shows in 2007 (‘The Kleber Claux Memorial Singers). I still have eclectic tastes, although I mainly listen to psychedelia and stoner-rock nowadays.

The early Woozy’s were written out by hand and the magazine tried to bring together DIY oriented people from music, comics and political scenes, mainly within Australia, but also from overseas.

I was, and am still, into hardcore and punk bands, but only played in a few bands that fitted that description. Unfortunately none of those bands stuff is online anymore. I also played in various 60s garage-rock bands, indie-rock and other acts, all with a DIY approach. ‘Ninetynine only play once or twice a year now, but remains the main band I play with.

Some stuff I think your readers might find most interesting and comments regarding them are below…

Iain McIntyre

* Most issues of Woozy were launched with a gig where people got copies as part of the door-fee. The photos from the 1993 launch appeared in Woozy #4, which came with a tape featuring about a dozen Australian bands. Take note of the dead Ronald McDonald hanging behind Stefan Peachfuzz…

* ‘Manic Pizza were an amazing melodic punk band who were very much in the mould of early ‘Hüsker Dü. They started out in Perth, Western Australia and then moved to Melbourne, Victoria where – like ‘Hüsker Dü – they slowed down a little but maintained intense. They recorded and released some albums on cassette but the only tracks currently available online are from a 1991 benefit-compilation Iain put together for the Rainforest Information Centre. (Woozy #1, 1992)

* ‘Mutiny were a Melbourne based anarcho-folk punk band who released a bunch of albums from the 1990s onwards, toured Europe twice and the US once and still reform occassionally. James Brook joined them on some of their tours and then toured Europe frequently on his own as well as with folk-punk band ‘Ecowar. A tour-diary appeared in Woozy #5 (1994).

* ‘Acid World were a Brisbane melodic anarcho-punk band who were at times reminiscent of UK bands like ‘Dan and ‘Sofa Head. (Woozy #4, 1993) Listen to their CD.

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