Youth Of Today (Colt Turkey #1)

Michiel Bakker’s zine Hardcore Globally has received attention here… In 1988-89 he also did Colt Turkey (under the moniker Mr Proper), with the help of ‘Burt’ Bart Griffioen. This first (and only) issue is based on Michiel’s writings (militant/tongue-in-cheek sXe) and Burt’s drawings/comics. It also has an extensive interview with ‘Youth Of Today’, and a feature on ‘Profound’ (their own band). Both were also in ‘Man Lifting Banner’ later but released a 7″ in 1990 as ‘Colt Turkey‘ (a side-project)…


That wasn’t my starting-point; that came earlier, with Definite Choice and before that De Melkboer Strikes Back (and even before: my school-paper)…


The whole zine is available on Michael Kopijn’s website ( Here’s the ‘Y.O.T.’ interview, conducted in the U.S. (summer of ’88, before the band’s first European tour) with guitarist John Porcell (and drummer Sammy Siegler). The one in Definite Choice #3 is an earlier one with Ray Cappo from 1985…

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