Carcass (Roger Mag #2)

A person into archiving hardcore/punk is Laurent Seiter (Strasbourg) – who used to be the bassist/vocalist of band ‘Eat Yourself’ (Saint-Donat, France): on his site one can find/download most of the issues of Roger Mag(azine). This was a zine he did together with Laurent Banchereau (Poitiers). It was filled with interviews, columns/opinions, reviews, humorous bits, etc.

Some of the bands interviewed were (just mentioning the best known ones): ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ (#1, Sep ’88); ‘A.M.Q.A.’, ‘Negazione’, ‘Carcass’, ‘Gorilla Biscuits’, God Bless Cheese Steaks zine (#2, Nov ’88); ‘Youth Of Today’, ‘Drudge’ (#3, Jun ’89), ‘Napalm Death’, ‘Scraps’, ‘Vortex’ (#4, Feb ’90); ‘Mega City Four ‘ (#5, Sep ’90); ‘M.D.C.’ (#6, Dec ’90).

The zine stopped then but came back as a website-zine after the turn of the century.

Laurent Seiter is also the person behind the Church Of Zer blog.


Laurent B. and I met in the mid 80s at high-school in Romans and immediately teamed up: we were the only two metal-heads among the 2.000 students and by luck they ended up in the same class. We shared a passion for ‘Venom’ & ‘Discharge’, and Monty Python has always incited us to make fun of the dead-serious-to-a-ridiculous-level metal- and punk-scenes. Upon completing high school in June 1986, I had started ‘Eat Yourself’, a totally incompetent hardcore band that tried to mimic ‘Lärm’ and ‘Siege’, with the spirit of the ‘Stupids’. (I also was in ‘Ovorof’ from Valence.) The first ‘E.Y.’ demo-tape was published in 1987 (together with a booklet: a short A5 fanzine that contained the lyrics plus unrelated ‘articles’, jehovah witnesses parodies and select drawings. That was the precursor for Roger Mag…

Inspired by this success (both Laurent’s sisters), by september 1988, Laurent and I (both in college) finally produced and distributed the first issue of Roger. The content and style was set to become Roger’s trademark: non-stop absurdity combined with ridiculous band-interviews and other classic features like album-reviews and fake news. Roger Mag’s biggest aim was to offend the high-priests of the metal- and punk-scenes. Those who understood the spirit of Roger were happy to collaborate: the superb artist Stéphane Delevacques [graphic artist & vocalist] (from the excellent Sang & Sueur [“blood & sweat”]) designed the logo for Roger Mag…

We also started an [non-profit] organisation called Korrosion together with the dudes from Déflagration (the Berthano brothers), to book hardcore-shows in Grenoble, while we were spending all their money at Bunker (best record-store ever). Korrosion booked exactly two disastrous shows and ended its activity with the ‘Negazione’ debacle (shitheads from the neighborhood attacked, vandalised, and stole equipment and merch from the ‘Negazione’ van)… That was the end for Roger in the show-business underground…

Yet Roger Mag survived: two to three issues of Roger were published until 1996. I moved to Montréal (Canada), while Laurent B. moved to Lille (France), and Roger quietly faded away. Laurent B. was busy making four children and his job as a financial manager. Myself: I have two daughters, newly founded metal-bands ‘Porno Coma‘, ‘CortisoL’, ‘President Camacho’, etc. and -ah yes- a job as software-engineer.

In 2003, I felt the need to reactivate Roger and a new issue was published. Since then, a new issue was published almost every year or two, until 2014. Two new creative minds were involved: Etienne Hannequart-Ferron, Québec’s hottest wordsmith and professional creator of crosswords, and Florent B. who prefers to remain anonymous. After that 2014 issue of Roger – the biggest ever, with 200 pages of undisputed nonsense, I started to think about writing a novel, which was completed in 2019 (and published in 2020) under the name Viande Tiède [“tipid meat”] – check out

I also run The Church Of Zer pirate blog, the anti-state site Zérocratie at, the libertarian free library and the philosophical live test at [all in French] I’m currently [Spring 2020] writing a new novel.

Laurent B., Etienne and I are preparing a new issue of Roger Mag to be published Christmas 2020…

Laurent Seiter

I asked Laurent a copy of the ‘Carcass’ interview, as it seems to be one of his favourites ;-). The band (from the Liverpool area) consisted, at the time of the interview (’88; Reek Of Putrefaction release) of Bill Steer (guitar/vocals; also ‘Napalm Death’), Jeff(rey) Walker (bass/vocals; formerly ‘Electro Hippies’) & Ken Owen (drums/vocals).

[Translation below]

In the radicalised jungle of an ultimate thrash (core?), with minimal variations on an extremely extreme tempo, ‘Carcass’ reigns, as the masters of auditive warf, recently declared to an invisible, but tough enemy, given the relentlessness that it evokes in many rushed groups.


Bill: I have no idea.

The history of ‘Carcass’ doesn’t really interest me, so if you could give us a funny little story instead…

That’s fine with me, our story doesn’t interest me either! Let’s see … What is the difference between a policeman and an onion? You cry when you cut up an onion! Whooops, not very funny, is it? Sorry.

What do you think about vivisection, uh?

Let’s be serious for a moment: the three members of ‘Carcass’ are completely against vivisection – in fact, against any form of cruelty towards animals. There’s no valid reason for this. (Well, with their lyrics, one could wonder …)

Who’s the President of French Republic?

Sorry? You do not know that?

Which member of ‘Carcass’ is studying medicine?

Ken has a master’s degree in biology although it was Jeff who wrote most of the lyrics recently. Obviously, we refer to medical encyclopedias and surgical books to write them, in order to be as anatomically correct as possible…

Are you guys vegetarians?…

Ken is; Jeff and I are vegans (Where will it stop?). We consider eating meat as cruel, unhealthy and believe it’s a waste. It’s hard not to come to such a conclusion after reading articles on the meat-industry.

Damn, where is question #7??!!

I guess it’s drifting somewhere in the devious mists of your sick mind…!

Do you know little Gregory?

I would be lying if I answered yes.

What do you think of:

* Maggie Thatcher. A dedicated and sincere person. Hahaha.

* My sister. I’ve never met her but she can’t be any worse than you.

* ‘Napalm Death’. My favourite English band, perhaps because I’m their guitarist, who knows?

* Kerrang. It’s probably the heaviest underground zine (???) in the world – didn’t you see their 4-page interview on ‘Repulsion’ last week? (No thanks).

* John Wayne & ‘M.D.C.’. I hate these westerns, especially the ones with these stupid ever so boring machos that you can’t even laugh with them. Regarding ‘M.D.C.’, I admit that they are not as ‘perfect’ as many would like to believe. (I didn’t say anything.)

* Christmas. Shit, as far as I’m concerned. The mail is slowed down and you see a little more of your family; that’s it.

* J.F.K. What’s that? Judging Fetus Karvers? John F. Kennedy? I’m giving up…

Would you be getting tired of this interview?

How did you guess?

Do you really want to make me:

* Cry

* Fry

* Die

* Hello?

* cow

* 8:35 pm??

No, not for the moment; however, for the benefit of humanity, I would like to find a way.

Whatever to keep you from continuing to send these interviews, they are really painful.

This is question #13!! Are you scared?

No!! This is not your 13th question!! You lost question #7, remember?

OK, thank you very much; if you want to add something, go ahead.

I’m a little afraid there. Uh, ‘thank you’ for the interview – it was, hmm ‘different’. If you liked our album, don’t miss our maxi (still on Earache), I promise you that it will ridicule Reek Of Putrefaction. On the other hand, if you have felt the slightest pleasure in reading this interview, I advise you to consult a psychiatrist.

Ah! Some will claim never to have heard the above-mentioned Reek Of Putrefaction; I advise them to overcome this cultural deficit that even ‘Napalm Death’ cannot fill, especially for medical students (the work of ‘Carcass’ is on the 2nd year program).

As for myself, I’m going to get back to Face Up To It, which I prefer.


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