More zines

Bullshit Monthly (by Mike ‘Bullshit’ Bromberg)

Clamor (DIY guide to Everyday Revolution, by Jen Angel & Jason Kucsma)

Danske Punk (Danish punk zines)

Digital Fanzine Preservation Society

Equalizing Distort zine-archive (Stephen Perry, Canada)

Fanzine Addiction (by Brett Tobias)

(La) Fanzinothèque (Poitiers, France)

Feminist Zines in Cyberspace (online feminist zine archive)

HeartattaCk (Ebullition – Kent McClard & co)

Grrrl Zine Network (Elke Zobl’s resource site for international grrrl, lady, queer and trans folk zines, distros and DIY projects)

Nieuwe Koekrand (formerly Koecrandt; the renowned Dutch magazine, archived by Michael Kopijn)

PPRfanzine (Miguel Angel Cortés’ collection)

Profane Existence (the Minneapolis based punk zine)

Queer Zine Archive Project

Slovenian Zine Scene (Tea Hvala)

Slug and Lettuce (Christine Boarts)

UK Zine Library (part of Sned Flat Earth’s zine-collection)

Wajlemac (Devon Morf’s selection)

Woozy (90s Australian zine by Iain McIntyre)

to be continued…

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