Code 13 (Past Midnight #3)

This was a donation of Duncan Mckinlay (Abderdeen, Scotland). The editor of this Swedish zine was Henke Liljegren. I’ve never been in contact with him. In the editorial he writes that some bands (‘Extinction Of Mankind’, ‘Misery’, ‘Unhinged’) didn’t respond timely enough. Bands that did make it to this issue were ‘Fleas & Lice’, ‘Kontrovers’, ‘Doom’, ‘Scumbrigade’ & ‘Amebix’ (reprint of the MRR interview by ‘Pushead’). There were also bits about christianity, the EZLN and the situtation in Chiapas, television, the women’s choice, and review- & news-sections.

‘Code 13’ (police-radio code for ‘officer down’), from Minneapolis, “mixed sing-a-long 80s hardcore like early ‘7 Seconds’ and ‘Youth Brigade’ with fast-core like ‘DropDead’ and a touch of early ‘D.R.I.’, straight-edge hardcore, Swedish HC/ Japanese thrash, 80s anarcho-punk and some grind/power violence for a fast and powerful punk sound”. They were Felix ‘(Von) Havoc’ (vocals; ex ‘Destroy!’, columnist/contributer/reviewer for Maximum Rock’n’Roll, HeartAttack & Profane Existence; owner of Havoc recs and straight-edge crust-punk), Mitch ‘Useless’ Robbie (drums; ex ‘Destroy!’ – ‘Criminal Shane’ was arrested in ’97; replaced by ‘Josh Blast’), ‘Tattoo Shane’ (bass; wasn’t on the Euro tour, replaced by Rick McKelvey) & ‘Trevor Trend’ a.k.a. ‘Trev Nugent’ (guitar). All their 7”s were on Felix’s label: Doomed Society (1995), They Made A Wasteland And Called It Peace (1996), A Part Of America Died Today (1998) and the split with ‘Demon System 13’ (2000). There was also a discography CD in 2000. The band toured Europe in 1999.

‘Von Havoc’ was also involved in Extreme Noise, a volunteer-run, not-for-profit co-op record-store in Minneapolis. For sure the man contributed/contributes a lot to the HC/punk-scene but history also obliges us to mention there’s also been some controversy: Felix was allegedly accused of rape on the More Than Music fest (Columbus, Ohio)… The rumours were all played out through the pages of HeartAttack. I believe none of it turned out to be true. There were also rumours of violent behaviour…

Josh – Felix – Trev – Shane

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