Boycot (Evilspeak #3)

evilspeak-patchEvilspeak was the zine of Sascha May, an intelligent chap from Düsseldorf that I got to know when he visited our concerts in Ieper and Gent. We shared the interest for maintaining the HC/punk-scene truely alternative and for politics in general. Sascha took a big step into the world of the latter as he is now a researcher at the Institute for Political Science (Goethe-University). Together with his mate Gregor Kanitz, he also released some (benefit)tapes and ran a distro.

‘Boycot’ was a Dutch band (from Alkmaar) that caught my attention when they radically expressed themselves in favour of D.I.Y. and against commercial labels: they participated in a discussion with the businessmen of Epitaph Europe and unintimidatedly spoke their minds. They had strong beliefs and were serious about them, while at the same time having a strong sense of humour. The band united some ‘older’ folks with the newer generation. They were vocalists Pim (Bakker; ex ‘C.K.N.’) & Billy (Kuiper), bassist Jeroen Maas, drummer Taco Rietveld and guitarist Lennaert Roomer (replacing Eric-Jan). Some of them were also active (one way or another) in the ‘punk’ venue Parkhof.

Boycot (Evilspeak #3) aBoycot (Evilspeak #3) bBoycot (Evilspeak #3) cBoycot (Evilspeak #3) dBoycot (Evilspeak #3) eBoycot (Evilspeak #3) f

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