Indigesti (Hardcore Globally #1)

Michiel Bakker (the later singer for ‘Man Lifting Banner’) seems to have been the main man of this zine. The editorial mentions also Eric ‘Vonx’ Vonk, Marcel Schilpzand (also Nooit Meer zine) & Erik ‘Waterkannetje’ Teunissen. Their HQ was in Utrecht.

This first issue is available online on Michael K.’s website (a donation of Marc Hanou). See cover for the content… No idea what the second issue was about but #3 carried the name Indepedent Globally: “a zine of mostly hardcore interviews, but without a too confined view on music”…


Michiel did it together with Eric Vonk. I supplied drawings for the first two issues. After that it ended or Eric went on for a while (if I remember correctly). [He did: Independent Globally reached #5.])

Bart Griffioen

I did Hardcore Globally with my fellow-student Erik Vonk (87-88). Myself being more into hardcore and him having a somewhat broader taste. What was behind it? Uh, being in a scene and wanting to do something actively, I believe. I don’t have any copies so can ‘t remember who we interviewed. Was fun to do. Colt Turkey, done by Bart and me, came after this: that was really more of a zine where I could vent things where I was most interested in. Straight Edge and taking that over the top… There was 1 issue, then it went on as Independent Globally under Eric’s care…

Michiel Bakker

In my memory Hardcore Globally actually originated on the first day that I started to study history in Utrecht (September 1987). On my first day I met Michiel Bakker. We didn’t know each other but our American clothing-style (copied from ‘Suicidal Tendencies’: vans, bandana, checkered shirt) suggested that we had something in common. At that time I was already into American punk (‘T.S.O.L.’, ‘Black Flag’, ‘Suicidal T.’, ‘Hüsker Dü’, ‘7 Seconds’, etc.) for a few years, and faithfully bought M.R.R. and Nieuwe Koekrand, although I wasn’t really active in the scene. Michiel was part of the scene around ‘Lärm’ – I knew them of course so I thought that was cool.

Anyway, we started meeting up, especially when I moved to the same student-flats in Utrecht. Soon the idea (I think it was Michiel’s initiative in particular) for Hardcore Globally came up. He asked his buddy Marcel Schilpzand to join, who already did the fanzine Nooit Meer. Can’t recall if Marcel already did a distro back then, I don’t know, but he still does that now, as well as releasing records and organising concerts. My buddy Erik Teunissen was the lead-singer of a noisepunk band I was playing in at the time (‘The Hanson Bros’) and he seemed to be fun to work with as well. I remember our first editorial meeting was in the Utrecht pub called Belgium.

No sooner said than done we started doing interviews (via mail), writing reviews, columns and scene-reports (if you read them now, especially the last two, are quite dated and cringey), put everything together piece by piece, designed a cover, etc. Then copying/stapling everything, send it to anybody we suspected could do something with it. A lot of fun to do and I was quite proud of the first song issue then. Apart from the some of the best records, I don’t have a lot of stuff from that time anymore, nor do I have the zines anymore. One day I was planning to emigrate and got rid of a lot, everything turned out differently in the end, that’s life. I believe we released 3 issues as Hardcore Globally. Cool interviews with diverse bands such as ‘The Hard-Ons’, ‘Indirekt’, ‘Vernon Walters’, a very short one with Grant Hart from ‘Hüsker Dü’, ‘Dead Jacksons’, ‘J.F.A.’, etc. Everty time we were in the copy-shop for hours, after getting everything together and stapling it, then of to the post-office with the whole pile. All things that I really liked and that I look back on fondly. Actually I liked this better than typing bits out… But after a few issues things already got watered down. Michiel was very fanatical about the straight-edge world and NYC Hardcore, and took this further. I think Marcel continued with his own Nooit Meer zine. Me, personally I didn’t like that straight-edge scene in particular: I liked the bands but I moved in a completely different world: smoking, booze, drugs, escapism. I also enjoyed writing about other music. I had and have a broad taste (indie, sixties, ska/reggae, 77 punk, etc.) and found just hardcore a bit one-sided. Erik and me did one or two more issues as Independent Globally but that too quickly faded despite nice reactions from readers. Erik Teunissen also released a compilation-tape at the time: IndepedentGlobally.

Actually I never stopped completely. Nowadays I sometimes write reviews and interviews for the website – not specifically about punk or hardcore – and based to that one interview with Brian from ‘J.F.A.’ I got in touch, which led to me playing on the ‘J.F.A.’-tribute LP [All In! A Tribute to JFA; 2013] with my project ‘Ringwald’, a contribution alongside people such as Mike Watt, ‘McRad’ [skate-punk band from Philadelphia] & East Bay Ray. I also still play in a ‘Hüsker Dü’ tribute called ‘Hüsker Dütch’.

I really enjoyed helping out with the fanzine at the time. Back then, before the internet, it was just really cool to connect with people all over the world. A real eye-opener for me personally. I still enjoy reading zines about all kinds of subjects.

Eric V.

‘Indigesti’ (Torino region) were Silvio Bernelli (bass), Rudy Medea (vocals), Enrico Giordano (guitar) & Massimo Ferrusi (drums; replaced first drummer Massimo Corradino) when they they played Winterswijk, The Netherlands (87-08-29) & Scherpenheuvel, Belgium (87-08-30)…

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  1. Eric Vonk says:

    Please note the second issue had a very funny cartoon of Michael Jackson on the cover made by Burt Griffioen – unfortunately I don’t have that issue anymore but someone out there still has it, I suppose?

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