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Slam (Asocial #1)

Asocial zine (only one issue) was the result of the collaboration of ‘Fredda’ Holmgren (later Chickenbrain recs) & Dan ‘Danne’ Paulsson. Bands featured were all Swedish: ‘Slam’, ‘Svea Skandal’, ‘Ingron Hutlös’, ‘Kurt I Kuvös’, ‘Mob 47’, ‘Charta 77’, ‘Anti-Cimex’, ‘Aggresssion’, … Continue reading

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Scapegoats (Vollsuff #1)

Vollsuff [“totally drunk”] was “das Zine für alle Punx und Sympathisanten” that Karl-Heinz ‘Kalle’ Stille (Möglingen, north of Stuttgart) did. With the slogan “Bier, na klar” on the cover, obviously the description “erstes Deutsche SxE zine” is ironic… He also … Continue reading

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Dr Know (Broken Promises Broken Heads #2)

My mate Michael Kopijn shared #1 & 2 of this zine on his website. It was done by Mike Williams from New Orleans, Louisiana. In the first issue (Jan. ’85) he shares news/info (on bands such as ‘Metallica’, ‘Exodus’, ‘Megadeth’, … Continue reading

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Ö.B.N.I. (Antifan’zine #1)

A suggestion by a Spanish friend… A guy nicknamed Josetxu Crust, originally from Valencia, did Antifan’zine. He was kind enough to provide me with some copies… The name stems from the fact he’s against being a fan of a band, … Continue reading

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Antisect (Paid In Full #1)

The first 2 issues of this zine are made available by ‘Sned’ on his zine-website… The main people behind it were brothers Ian & Lee ‘Fester’ Murphy from Leamington Spa/Warwick, later singer & guitarist of ‘The Depraved’. The biggest part … Continue reading

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