Go! (Inward Monitor #3)

Editor of Inward Monitor was Jon Reed, who operated from Saunderstown, Rhode Island (North-East of New York City). I can ‘t recall us having being in touch. Since this issue also contains info on ABC No Rio (punk venue in NYC), I think I might have gotten it from or traded it with one of my penpalls (Freddy Alva? Sam McPheeters? Esneider ‘Huasipungo’?) there…

The band ‘Go!’ was – at the time of this interview – Mike ‘Bullshit’ Bromberg (vocals, ex ‘S.F.A.’; gay activist, zinester -Bullshit Monthly- and ABC No Rio ‘shitworker’), Aaron Kaufman (guitar, also briefly in ‘S.F.A.’), James ‘Jimmy’ Paradise (drums) & Anthony Champa (bass; Stephen Gardner filled in on their European tour that brought them to our autonomous centre on 91-06-08). They definitely were not a typical NYC HC band but had pro-gay and -lesbian, feminist, anti-racism and -violence lyrics. A bunch of guys that used their heads but that also could be quite humorous/sarcastic (as one can read below). Nowadays Mike lives in California and plays in ‘No Mistake’.

Go! (Inward Monitor #3) aGo! (Inward Monitor #3) bGo! (Inward Monitor #3) cGo! (Inward Monitor #3) dGo! (Inward Monitor #3) e

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