Soulside (Deadbeat #1)

In the summer of 1987 I visited my mates of ‘Ripcord’ and they took me to Bristol (where I witnessed ‘Chaos UK’ rehearse, met Tim of C.O.R. recs, Bear Hackenbush who was doing Skate Muties Of the 5th Dimension and a few others. Later on I discovered more great zines from over there: e.g. Read It! / Eat (Sh)It! by Dave Carter (who also did DS4A -Doesn’t Stand For Anything – distro) and Deadbeat by this guy Mat (who did 7 issues of Wimp Out before starting afresh with this one here). I have the first 2 issues: #1 with indie bands ‘Sink’, ‘Perfect Daze’ & ‘Mad At The Sun’ and HC bands ‘Soulside’ & ‘Snuff’; #2 was with ‘Cringer’, ‘Dissent’, ‘Visions Of Change’ & ‘Fuel!’…

This interview with ‘Soulside’ was done in Bristol (UK) during their European tour in April 1989, a few days before they played the show we organised for them in Aalst, Belgium (89-04-23). Most people will know they were a (Washington) D.C. band that released their material on Ian MacKaye’s label Dischord. The band rose from the ashes of ‘Lunchmeat’ in ’85 and consisted of Bobby Sullivan (vocals), Scott McCloud (guitar), Alex Fleisig (drums) and Johnny Temple (bass). (The latter 3 were to continue as ‘Girls Against Boyz’ and Bobby formed ‘Seven League Boots’ and would later return to Europe with ‘Rain Like the Sound of Trains’ – also with ‘Verbal Assault’s Pete Chramiec.) Their music was described as a mosaic of rhythms, melodies and pure fury; a swirlpool of straight HC-attacks and reggae- & rock-tinted songs (references from ‘Bad Brains’ to ‘Scream’) with above all the whirling guitars and the personal politics typical for Dischord-bands. Catchy riffs, clear vocals and …an own style.

Soulside (Deadbeat #1) aSoulside (Deadbeat #1) bSoulside (Deadbeat #1) cSoulside (Deadbeat #1) d

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