Wretched (Wrakvee #4)

Wrakvee (“wounded or diseased cattle”) was made by ‘Sauber’ Herbert Mooij, together with ‘Hipix’ Wibrand Dragt (both from Hoogeveen, The Netherlands). There were 5 issues, started 1983, lasted until 1985. The complete series are available online thanks to Michael Kopijn.

Most of it was written in the Dutch language. Interviews were rather brief, info quite chaotic, layout pretty messy (the first 2 issues). #1: ‘Puinhoop’, ‘Bloedbad’, ‘Vacuüm’, poet Bart Droog (about the autonomous group Destructief Jong Nederland), King’s Road punx, and various odd bits; #2: ‘M.D.C.’, ‘Pandemonium’, ‘Antidood’, ‘La Résistance’, Xcentric Noise records & tapes, ‘Späxøll’, reviews, etc.; #3: Denmark scene-report, ‘Lärm’, straight-edge, ‘Chaos UK’, ‘Zyklome-A’, ‘Indirekt’, ‘Power Age’, and more; #4: ‘Krank’, ‘Deformed’, ‘Power Age’, ‘Oigasm’, ‘Vortex’, ‘DeLuxe Green’, ‘Outrageous’, ‘Xpozez’, ‘Wretched’, reviews; #5: ‘Oigasm’ controvery, ‘Vacuüm’, ‘Wolfbane’, ‘Antisect’, ‘Born Without A Face’, scene-reports (Belgium, Friesland, Amersfoort), reviews.


The zine was founded by Herbert and Wibrand because they couldn’t start a band and because they got bored with Hoogeveen. Herbert did the last issues by himself because Wibrand had lost interest. The name came from a girlfriend who pointed out how pertinent it was.

Michael Kopijn

The intro to this interview with ‘Wretched’ (from Milano) reads: “We met the band at Dick’s house. We print this in English to avoid translation-errors.”. The line-up at that time (Dec. 1984) was Daniele De Sanctis (guitar; ex ‘Indigesti’), ‘Crema’ (drums; ex ‘Rip Off’), Gianmario Mussi (vocals), Fabio ‘Fabietto‘ (bass). It was just after the release of the Finira’ Mai? 7” and the Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire LP.


We (‘Bloedbad’) supported ‘Wretched’ (replacement for ‘Pandemonium’); it was our last  concert [Groningen, 84-12-22]. My mate Dick Jochems from Hoogeveen drove them and organised the tour (also ‘Antisect’ and others).

Michael Kopijn

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