The Mob (Some Hope And Some Despair #4)

Lance Hahn starts off Some Hope And Some Despair #1…

This is another zine that Lance Hahn did. (Having done 9 issues of AOK, together with the Hawaii crew in L.A.) He was the singer/songwriter of the fantastic melodic HC/punk bands ‘Cringer‘ and ‘J Church‘; and ran a label called Huggy Bear recs. Lance was also a contributor to Maximum Rock’n’Roll. He died on October 21st, 2007 in Austin, Texas (complications arising from his kidney-disease). The memorial website is still on-line. Lance had a first draft done of Let The Tribe Increase (a book on anarchist punk). His longtime partner Liberty tells me it still needs a good bit of work and hasn’t actually been released yet. A bunch of interviews that he did for the book were published in MRR and some of them are also online…

Four issues can be downloaded from #1 (1996; Avocado Baby, Tobi Vail of ‘Bikini Kill’, Kicking Giant, Milky Wimpshakes, Nails of Hawaiian, No Empathy, Phantom Pregnancies, Red Aunts, Refrigerator, Superchunk, Vomit Launch, Beck), #2 (1997; Bis, Cigaretteman, Little Princess, Propagandhi, SPK, Beck); #3 (2001; Action Time, Coagula, The Cravats, ‘Flowers In The Dustbin’, Jon Moritsugu) & #4 (2001; Kronstadt Uprising, Lack of Knowledge, ‘The Mob’, Semiautomatic, PEE, Sid Vicious, 1975 World Series, The Champs, Margaret Kilgallen, Victor Wong, Doom, the Mummies).

I choose to reprint this interview with Joseph Porter/Porta (real name Gary James Hatcher; also drummer/vocalist of ‘Zounds’ & ‘Blyth Power’) of the anarcho-punk band ‘The Mob’ because there’s a reference to Lance’s “upcoming” book…

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