Pansy Division (Initonit #10)

This zine was suggested/sent by Duncan Mckinlay (from Abderdeen, Scotland). I’d never heard of it so I asked the editor to tell me a bit about it…


I begun with my zine in about 1990 and it ran for around 20 years – started out as mainly music but turned into mainly rants with a couple of band-interviews. I ended it with a split-issue called Initonit Reborn. There were around 25 or 26 issues and I still have a blog that is zine-related and I still contribute columns to Lights Go Out fanzine. There’s a Facebook group too called Initonit Punk Zine – the main pic is the cover of the last issue.

Paul Initonit, Spalding/Peterborough, UK

Pansy Division‘ (from San Francisco) was probably the first openly gay rock band featuring predominantly gay musicians – Jon Ginoli (guitar), Chris Freeman (bass), Jay Puget (drums; later Luis Illades), Patrick Goodwin (guitar; later Joel Reader). Their music was dubbed queercore. They played “a mix of pop-punk & power-pop” and “focused on LGBT issues, sex and relationships, often presented in a humorous light”.

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