Refused (Fracture #3)

Fracture was a fusion of Dave Hopkin’s (Cardiff) Mad Monks (which I’ve never seen) and Russell Gallon’s (Hull) Charred Remains (which I quite liked). It became a professional looking newsprint UK punk-magazine with a print-run of 5000. The whole thing seemed sponsored by paid ads and the bands interviewed/reviewed were not all that D.I.Y., which meant that I didn’t feel attracted to it. I think I bought/traded this one issue because my mates Mel Hughes (No Barcodes Necessary/Direct Hit) and Anthony Palmer (Dingo Baby/Duhhh/etc.) contributed to it… Anth and Russ did this interview after the band played at the 1in12 in Bradford.

Early ’94 I got a letter and a demo from Dennis Lyxzen, introducing his band ‘Refused’ and asking for gigs. I believe they did a show in a youth-centre in Kortrijk (August ’93) and played at the autonomous centre Vort’n Vis (Ieper, Belgium) when ‘Abhinanda’ also came over (August ’94) but later on they didn’t show up at D.I.Y. places anymore. Although Dennis claimed to be (and is) politically aware/active (“anarchist”), to me there seemed like a big gap between their words and actions so I called them on their shit (e.g. about being on a major label) a few times. That’s why he (sarcastically) referred to himself as “Brob’s favorite rockstar” (see letter below)… This interview shows there were more people putting questionmarks to ‘Refused’s evolution…

Refused (Fracture #3) aRefused (Fracture #3) bRefused (Fracture #3) cRefused (Fracture #3) d————————-

Dennis Lyxzen jun97 (-)


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2 Responses to Refused (Fracture #3)

  1. Anthony Palmer says:

    We always had a lot of shit thrown at us with Fracture because people considered we weren’t DIY (untrue), and moreso with the later and last issues because of the full colour gloss covers. Despite the UK scene being really healthy at the time, some folk just wanted to talk shit. Dave, Russ and myself put 100% into that zine.
    Thanks for putting that interview up. I still love ‘Refused’ and what they stood for and wanted to create. That show we interviewed them at was ace. Managed to see their last show in the US before they broke up (after the cops broke it up). They had a lot of haters, which I never understood, probably the same folk who thought they were the antithesis of DIY punk as well.

  2. Fracture was a great magazine with enough contributors to make it a widely encompassing magazine and not just the contents of one person’s head.
    The online forum was always good fun to hang out in too.

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