Anti Scrunti Faction (Deadly Dose Of Noise #1)

This Swiss (Zürich) zine, D.D.N., was edited by Markus ‘Mäge’ Sulger & Fabian ‘Fäbe’ Gasser (ex ‘The Decay’, nowadays guitarist of ‘Aloha Jones’). They got help from ‘Insane Johnny’ (my friend Pablo, who played in the band ‘The Decay’ with them) but he preferred concentrating on his label Sick recs. My mate Dirk Ceustermans borrowed this first issue (1986). Bands featured: ‘Anti Scrunti Faction’, ‘Disorder’, ‘Crude S.S.’, ‘S.A.S.’, ‘Gnä Gnä’, ‘Decry’, ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, ‘Subhumans’, ‘C.C.M.’, ‘Skeezicks’, etc. and scene-reports about Yugoslavia, Poland & Norway.


I was briefly involved with that zine but the main guys were Mäge and Fäbe (the 2 other guys with a leather jacket on the pic). Seems like I contributed quite a few things: the short interviews with ‘Stepping Stones’ (Sweden), ‘Subhumans’ & ‘S.A.S.’, and I think I translated the ‘Disorder’ band-story and Polish scene-report. As far as I know a 2nd issue was planned and we all asked ‘D.O.A.’ some questions for that but it never was published…

‘The Decay’: ‘Johnny’ (guitar), ‘Fäbe’ (bass), ‘Mäge’ (guitar) & Sven (vocals) [drummer Steve absent]

Fäbe told me there was only one issue of D.D.N. He was mainly responsible for the layout, while I (Johnny) and Mäge did the interviews. Some of them were so old that at the time of publishing the bands didn’t exist anymore (e.g. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’). A second issue was planned but somehow no-one was motivated anymore to do interviews and chase up bands. Besides we wanted to invest more time in our own music (the band ‘Dark Age’), etc.

My first steps in the zine world had been in 1979 already!!! I had formed my first “imaginary” band ‘Punky And The Stunky’ and did a fanzine about the wild life (hahaha) of that “band”. The only thing I can remember, was that it cintained my first lyrics (very ‘deep’ haha, and -no idea why – in French). My dad did 5 copies at his work and surprisingly enough I sold all 5 copies in my school! I think I did 2 or 3 issues. In 1980/81 step two was with some school-mates (a music-zine entitled Music Express): we basically stole most from other music magazines and it wasn’t really about punk (some of it but it was mainly rock. Then there was D.D.N. (that I joined in 1985) and later, in 1988, I started Alternative, No Sanctuary, etc.


‘Anti Scrunti Faction’ (‘A.S.F.’) was a feminist punk/ queercore band from Boulder, Colorado with Leslie Mah (bass; later in ‘Tribe 8’), Tracie T(h)omas (guitar/vocals) & Eric Van Leuven (drums). They had a 7″ (A Sure Fuck) out on Unclean recs and were about to release their album Damsels In Distress (Flipside recs).


[Translation below]

The band ‘Anti Scrunti Faction’ is from Boulder, Colorado and is a 2/3 girl band. The line-up is: Leslie / bass – Tracie / guitar, vocals – Eric / drums. I once read a message about them in MRR and because girl bands in punk are unfortunately a rarity, I thought that one should support something like that, and indeed by means of an interview. ‘A.S.F.’ also wrote back immediately, the result can read below. Questions are all by me (Mäge), answers: ‘A.S.F.’

When and why did you start playing?

Eric started playing drums when he was six, Tracie and Leslie are less experienced. Tracie has only been playing guitar for a year, Leslie has been playing bass for three years. We all play for different reasons. It’s a good way to express one’s feelings of aggression / emotion. It’s a constructive way to let people know what we think and feel, it’s fun! Oh, well, basically we just want to be rich rock-stars, hahaha!

How is the scene in Boulder / Denver?

L: It’s not much of a scene, there are no places for gigs, because there was too much violence. But I think that our scene has a lot of potential, there are a lot of good people and if there was more unity it would be really cool.

T: It’s really fucked. The skins in Denver ruined everything, we can’t have gigs anymore. Boulder is OK but people are still very young, 13 or 15, and still go to school.

Do you know any Swiss punk bands? What do you think about Switzerland?

Yesterday I was looking around in a record-shop but I couldn’t find any Swiss punk. I would like to hear some but stuff like that is hard to find. When I hear Switzerland, I think of Heidi and people in leather pants who herd goats in the mountains, cheese, rich people and Swiss banks. Oh yes, St-Bernard dogs with whiskey-barrels around their necks.

What do you people do besides the band?

L: Tracie picks her nose, spends hours putting up her mohawk and gets herself ready for a drunken night. Eric works, sees his girlfriend, works, collects records, works and works some more. I read a lot, ride my bike, work when there’s work to do, and draw and paint, have a drink and go to gigs, and try to stay normal (in my head) in this shithouse.

What are your favorite bands and influences?

L: I like ‘Conflict’, ‘Toxic Reasons’, ‘Rudumentiary Peni’, ‘Upright Citizens’, ‘Sado Nation’, ‘Social Unrest’, ‘Poison Girls’, ‘The Dicks’, ‘Fifth Column’, ‘Antisect’, ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Frightwig’, ‘Butthole Surfers, ‘Fallout’. Shit, I could go on forever.

Eric isn‘t influenced by anything, he’s a real original.

T: I have no influences, I like ‘Girlschool’, ‘Fallout’, ‘Antisect’, ‘Amebix’, Exploited’ and a bunch of others.

How many records / tapes have you released, and how do you like them?

E: “A Sure Fuck” 7”, our first and only record, could’ve been better. The next will be great!

L: I agree with him. We were already on the Flipside vinyl fanzine vol. l. Our song Big Woman was on it. It’s so bad that it’s good. We recorded it on a fucking little recorder. We will start our own label. Our next record should come out early 86. We were also on a few tapes and hope for more. (So go ahead, write!) (There should be an LP coming out on Flipside soon.)

What is a << scrunti >>?

E: Do not ask me!

L: get back to doing a normal interview!

T: Scrunti means young female, but also slut or hooker.

What are your lyrics about?

El Salvador, macho wankers, having problems with your parents, love and sex from a feminine point of view, death, life, media-lies, frustration, feeling helpless / powerless, estrogen, Lebanon, war, peace and all things we run into or annoy us. Everything that happens around us.

Have you played a lot of gigs in Colorado or in other states?

This summer, we often played in Denver and Boulder, until there were no more places to play because these idiots (punx, skins) smashed the windows and stirred up shit. I think it’s crap that some kids bring knives or teargas to gigs. There are no reasons for punks to do such things. We once played in Kenosha, Wisconsin, it was the best gig we’ve ever had.

Your political opinons?

Politicians are a social problem, not a political one. People should respect everyone else and respect them being different. Why can’t we respect every human being and classify all characteristics as secondary? Race, gender, nationality, religion shouldn’t be that important.

What do you think about fanzines?

There are too many little ones who should get together to become a big one. It’s a great way to communicate. Fanzines give everyone the chance to express how they feel.

Do you believe in a future for punk (/ HC)?

E: It doesn’t look good: fewer bands, more and more bullshit.

L: I try to be optimistic.

T: I don’t know, it’s hard to say. Whenever you think, ‘now it’s done’, something new comes up.

Are you in favour of Punx & Skins United’? How are skins in your neighbourhood?

E: I don’t know any skins.

L: The thing with skins gets boring. They don’t deserve that much attention. Nazis are boring. I don’t mean to generalise but it seems that most of our problems come from a small group of people called skins. Over here they’re bored children of rich families, they love the US and dress the English way.

Plans for the future?

E: To stay alive.

L: I very much would like to go on tour, we recently bought a van so we can play outside the state as well.

T: I plan to have three children and a husband who beats me twice a day.

Any final words?

What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said?

<< The pioneers of a peaceful world are the young men and women who refuse military service. >> Albert Einstein

<< A nuclear war must never be fought and can not be won! >> Ronald Reagan !! ???????????????????????????????????????????????

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