Subcaos (Recognize No Authority #1)

Diogo (Tovar) Carvalho (from Lisbon) finished this issue (together with ‘Xico’ Francisco Dias) of his zine Recognize No Authority in February 1993. Besides the interview below it contained talks with ‘Corrosão Caótica’, ‘Inkisiçao’, ‘Disrupt’, ‘Embittered’, ‘Subway Arts’, ‘Agathocles’; bits on animal-rights/hunting, a piece on children’s suffering (all in English) and some poltical info (in Portugese). I only got this – I believe there was only – one issue.

During the recordings of ‘Subcaos’ Genocidio demo (1992), the guys in the band were João Abrantes (guitar), Rui Abrantes (bass), Hugo Begucho (drums; also in ‘Alcoore’) & ‘Xico’ Francisco Dias (vocals). When they did shows over here (93-08-01, 94-04-02 & 94-12-31), ‘Subcaos’ (who were also from the Lisbon area) consisted of Diogo (Tovar) Carvalho (vocals; editor of Recognize No Authority zine), ‘Xico’ (or ‘Chico’ or FJ; vocals), João Abrantes (guitar), João Barrelas ‘Libelinha’ (guitar; also in ‘X-Acto’), To-Pê (bass) & David (drums).

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  1. Francisco Dias says:

    Unfortunately the second volume of the Fight Men recs CD never came out and our 3 (exclusive) tracks got lost. I had them on a but ruined them – perhaps one was saved (on my old tape who had the 3 songs)… It’s basically re-recorded versions of 3 tracks of the ’92 demo with the lyrics changed to english. These versions lack raw power and aggression compared to the ’92 demo versions. We met the Fight Men recs guy in Belgium on our first Euro tour (’93). Hazy memories…lots of madness!

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