Anna Key/Rich Scumbag (You & Me #3)

Around the time I was ending my mailorder/distribution, I regularly saw the title of a zine/publication, entitled Debbie And Michelle Break Free, appear in distro-lists. It was announced as “a zine featuring a story about two young women who fight back against the men who abused them (from macho dickheads to schoolmates)” (1999). It wasn’t until a few years later that I learned more about the person behind this (Richard Westerman a.k.a Anna Key, a.k.a. Rich Scumbag from somewhere in Hertfordshire, UK)…

Anna Key a.k.a. Rich Scumbag also did Alterna-TV: a personal zine with articles reflecting her opinions (#1 in ’98, #2 in 2000, #3 in 2005). Teo (editor of You & Me) wrote about #1: “an independent alternative fanzine of TV and related interests, includes articles on getting gear for next to nothing, positive images, resisting and getting back , narcissism, loads of sexy, subversive, beautiful artwork”; and about #2: “more great writings for your desperate hearts”…

Richard Westerman a.k.a. Anna Key also published the free Networking zine, containing ads, penpal-listings, stories, columns and images. (Penpals Newsletter 1992-1997: A Retrospective 2001-2005). I also found there was something like Golden Penfriends #6: “A slap-dash newsletter dedicated to water-sports, peeing and having orgasms in public and other topics – such as cross-dressing and exploring one’s ‘feminine side’…”

He/she was also involved in the Global Seed Exchange.

Teo Petričević (Mursko Središće, Croatia) started writing me somewhere in the late 90s and I helped distribute his zine. The first issue (1997) had stuff from a bunch of collaborators and was for a big part in Croatian. There were bits on the Slovenian ecology group Skrati & Metelkova socio-cultural centre, Earth First!, the women’s rights group B.a.B.e.; and interviews with the Croatian bands ‘Paruzija’, ‘Request Denied’ & ‘Razlog Za’. I was asked some thought-provoking questions for an interview in his #2. A whole bunch of his other (international) friends were probed to dwell on issues such as love, sex & pornography. There’s also interviews with ‘Ember’ & ‘Kafka’, info on rural women activists in Albania, etc. etc. For #3 (2000) Teo wrote about his two main interests at the time: ecology/agriculture & sexuality/erotica. It had also an extensive review-section. The 4th issue (2002) continues along the same path with a feature of Minx Grill (Jane Graham’s alter ego), myths on homosexuality, a piece on trafficking of women, history of sexology, domestic violence, sexual identity & gender, animal-experimantation, plants feel too, etc. etc.


If I remember well, my first issue was in Croatian (and it was a bit of of everything). In 1997 I wasn’t really into the scene and its issues). The second one was a mix Croatian/English.

Teo Petričević

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