Active Minds (Direct Hit #1)

After Mel Hughes (from Ulster) quit with No Barcodes Necessary (mentioned elsewhere), he started doing Direct Hit (with a lot less ads but the same decent interviewing). Seems like he interviewed a lot of people that I wanted to have in my zine aswell but never got ’round to… Mel’s straight-edge philospohy shines through in the questioning but to limit him or his interlocutors to just that, wouldn’t be right…

This lenghty and indepth talk (Don’t let this put you off!) is with my friends Bobs & Set (the Dixon brothers) of the band ‘Active Minds’ and Loony Tunes recs (label and distro). It’s done when the band existed almost 14 years (and they double that by now). To me these guys are the epitome, the example of truely D.I.Y./political hardore/punk and I value what they do. E.g. their compilation-albums at time, where the bands payed upfront for a part of the impression, was exemplary.

For some punx ‘A.M.’ sounds too metal, for metals too noisy. What mattered to me is that they are veritable representative of the not-for-profit ethic, sincere activists and critical.

Active Minds (Direct Hit #1) aActive Minds (Direct Hit #1) bActive Minds (Direct Hit #1) cActive Minds (Direct Hit #1) dActive Minds (Direct Hit #1) eActive Minds (Direct Hit #1) f

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