Half Off (Problem Child #8)

The issues I have of Problem Child – edited by Paul Sennett from Hayes (Middlesex) – are #7 (1986), #8 (’87) & #8½ (’88). These are subtitled ‘National U.K. Punkzine’. Probably because a whole bunch of people (including Nick Royles, Ian ‘Slug’ Glasper, Loony Tunes recs’ ‘Bobs’, Shane D. of Manic Ears, Bear Hackenbush, Karl ‘W.O.W.’ Horton, etc.) from all over the contry helped/contributed… As one can read on Paul’s website he already started in 1984, quit after n° 8½ and did a couple again halfway the 90s. There’s a list of the bands/people interviewed. The issues I have also contain a letter-section, columns by various folks and heaps of reviews. Nowadays Paul works for the British Film Institute…

This interview with ‘Half Off’ (from Orange County, California) was done around the time their debut album The Truth was released (New Beginning recs, 1987). In the band at that time: Billy Rubin (vocals; he replaced original singer Tim), Vadim Rubin (drums), Jim Burke (guitar; R.I.P.) & John Bruce (bass). Jeff Boetto (also ‘No For An Answer’) played bass on that album aswell. Maynard ‘Krshna’ Krebs (also ‘Crucial Youth’) joined later on second guitar. The band was considered straight-edge and came from the same area as ‘Uniform Choice’, which got them some extra attention. Gradually their singer Billy (who also did a zine entitled Think) started to disctance himself from the “obsessiveness” of certain SxE bands…

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1 Response to Half Off (Problem Child #8)

  1. Paul Sennett says:

    Thanks for the write on Problem Child.
    Paul 🙂

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