Prong (News About Noise #3)

Somewhere in the second half of the 80s Kalv Peiper (‘Heresy’s bassist) – who was a fan of ‘Prong’ (even named his next band after one of their records) – asked me if I would be interested in helping out this NYC thrash band trying to get gigs in Europe. I said I was willing to try. So the band (or their “management”) sent over some promo stuff. When I explained them I was doing things the D.I.Y. way and was working with youthcentres & squats, the communication suddenly stopped. It was obvious that this band (Tommy Victor – Mike Kirkland – Ted Parsons) wasn’t into offering a true alternative for the capitialist music-industry but would rather (try to) use it to their advantage (signing a major label e.g.)…

I can ‘t remember if this fanzine was part of the promo-package but I wouldn’t know how else I got it. It’s subtitled “alternatives in media” but I wondered what this “alternative” might be then: it hardly contained stuff I would consider to be an alternative. There was a reference to college-radio (SUNY Albany) and reviews of indie bands. Besides this talk with ‘Prong’, there’s also interviews with ‘Naked Raygun’ & ‘RapeMan’ (Steve Albini). Editor? Adam Gray, residing in Port Washington (NY).


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