Citizen Fish (UK Resist #2)

UK Resist is mentioned elsewhere on these pages already… It didn’t quite turn out the Maximum Rock’n’Roll of the UK as was intended but it sure was a decent effort.

This interview was done by Tom Woolford at a gig in March 1990 in Brighton, about half a year after the band started.

When ‘Culture Shock’ ( folded (we’d had them playing for Smurfpunx; 88-05-13), Dick Lucas (vocalist; Bluurg recs) got back together with drummer ‘Trotsky’ (who he’d been in ‘Subhumans’ with). Together with bassist Jasper Patterson (also in ‘Culture Shock’) and guitarist Larry (at the moment of this interview) they played ska-influenced punk with a touch of reggae, under the name ‘Citizen Fish’ ( At the time they had a demo out and they were about to go into the studio for their first album (Free Souls In A Trapped Environment). Later they played at our autonomous centre Vort’n Vis a few times (93-02-21, 93-10-24 & 94-09-17) when Phil Bryant (also ex ‘Subhumans’) had replaced Larry as guitarist.


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