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Anti-Dogmatikss (Penetración #6)

“Their power lies in our misery – We don’t need them!!!” *** This was the “first anarchopunk fanzine” in Madrid, edited by Alberto Eiriz – “pioneer regarding the incorporation of the discourse and aesthetics of ‘Crass’ into punk of his … Continue reading

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Ö.B.N.I. (Antifan’zine #1)

A suggestion by a Spanish friend… A guy nicknamed Josetxu Crust, originally from Valencia, did Antifan’zine. He was kind enough to provide me with some copies… The name stems from the fact he’s against being a fan of a band, … Continue reading

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Headache (La Verdad Jode #0)

La Verdad Jode (“the truth hurts”) #0 was a one-off by veganist and straight-edger Carlos García, the bassist of Gijón-based hardcore band ‘Strangis Guajes’ (for which my mate ‘Uge’ Eugenio García Escudero played guitar). He was involved in the C.S.A. … Continue reading

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Fobia (A.R. Punk #1-2)

A.R. stands for AntiRepresivo. 3 people from Bilbao (capital of the Bask province Bizkaia) are mentioned as contact: Oska, Patxi & Gorka. This first issue dates from 1987. I have no idea how it ended up in my archive… Brob … Continue reading

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Ultimo Resorte (Ausencia De Escarabajos #1)

Ausencia De Escarabajos (“absence of scarab beetles”) was done by Javier Remón (from Madrid). Before that, he was linked to Penetración fanzine. Dirk Ceustermans gave me this 1st issue (1983-84). It’s written in English (didn’t/doesn’t happen often in Spain) and … Continue reading

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GOD (Antidoto #2)

Before Reptil (a zine that started in 1990), ‘Boliche’ (the drummer of ‘Subterranean Kids’, Barcelona) did Antidoto (1988-90). I’d never seen any of them (‘no hablo español‘) until they surfaced on the www (thx to Luis A.)… #1 (March ’88) … Continue reading

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Victims Family (Tambores De Guerra #3)

My mate ‘Boliche’ (‘Subterranean Kids’ drummer) suggested me this zine, Tambores De Guerra (Drum-mer-s Of War) well after it ceased to exist. I never saw it, let alone read it. He told me it was done by a woman called … Continue reading

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Pullermann (Reptil #4)

  One of my all-time-favourite hardcore bands is ‘Pullermann’ (from Frankfurt, Germany). I saw them perform a couple of times (they played for our Smurfpunx collective twice: 90-03-31 & 90-12-22) and did an interview in Tilt! #6. I’d been introduced … Continue reading

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Coche Bomba (Antipoder #9)

Antipoder (‘Against Authority’) was a follow-up to No Flag – both zines were done by my correspondent ‘Uge’ (Eugenio García Escudero) from Gijon (Asturias, Spain). ‘Uge’ played guitar in ‘Intolerance’ and ‘Strangis Guajes’; plus a few other bands. He also … Continue reading

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Christophe ‘Stonehenge’ Mora (El Otro Mundo #5)

Carlos Leon Liquete, a correspondent from Valladolid (Spain) did 7 issues of his zine El Otro Mundo (The Other World) from 1996 to 2001. Since I don’t speak Spanish I could never read it but I contributed some of my … Continue reading

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